Top 10 Covid Lockdown Essentials before another wave hits on

We all know that covid which is corona is a most dreadful and crucial pandemic in 2020 that has ruined everything in the world; many people had died mostly old and young.

Top 10 Covid Lockdown Essentials before another wave hits on

During the first wave, there were inadequate facilities which were gradually increased but the second wave taught us a lot that we have to ensure about all the necessary medicine, beds, oxygen, and health facilities for third wave.  Corona virus has changed our living style in so many ways that will extra precaution like while going outside at the home then use sanitizer and mask. 

These are some covid essential things that we to do before any wave hits on:

1.     To prepare ourselves:

We have to be prepared for any other wave like third wave of corona which is very dangerous. We can’t do any mistake that we have done in first phase. Before the third wave we all have to make our health system strong that will be capable of handle any other wave. We all have to keep that can’t break down of health facilities; we should ensure that bed supplies and oxygen are maintained. 

2.     Face mask : 

Face mask is become very essential part of our life while going outside we have to must carry this because it keep safe our respiratory which can be infected from other and more reason also that is covid-19 has spread all their symptoms so we have to use this to keep safe. In the other hand cloth face covering is also good and suggested good because their low cost and ready availability. 

3.     Hand sanitizer : 

Due to pandemic hand sanitizer becomes the apple of eye of everyone. If we see our around then sanitizer are used at homes, office, mall, hospital and many other places, most important things when anybody going outside then they always carry. Instead of these we have to always wash our hand at every 20 second with soap or cleanser but when you are outside then you can use sanitizer.

4.     First Aid Kit :

It become very important in nowadays, everyone have to be keep a first aid kit and with all essential medicine like paracetamol for fever, painkiller, thermometer. It is very important because if anyone gets suffering from the symptoms of like hypertension, fever, and diabetes then you can take care of them. One reason is also due to pandemic all the hospitals beds are full from corona patient so we can take any person who has mild disorders like cough, fever, and headache. We have to keep them at home and take care.

5.     Pulse Oximeter :

Everybody knows about this device, it is used to measure the oxygen level of the blood. It is a pain free method to check blood oxygen level. We have to keep our finger inside a part of this device that will automatically show our pulse rate and also reduced lung function. Due to pandemic it becomes very essential things to keep because low level of oxygen and breathlessness is symptoms of covid. In simple words this device only show that you are infected or not.

6.      Thermometer :

Due to increases the numbers of patient who are suffering from covid nation try his best to stop the spread. In this disease high grade temperature is symptoms with cough so thermometer is essential device for measure fever and their variations. The temperature in such disease can’t check through a mercury thermometer so a forehead gun thermometer which is known as infrared thermometer are used in office, malls, airports and hotels etc.

7.     About meet people:

In this crucial pandemic we can’t meet people because it is a spreading disease which can spread through one people from another after getting contact. Government also announced to keep 2 meter away from another people who are not the member of our house. Instead meet face to face you can use social media platforms which are being popular due to this pandemic because all things are going digitally.  You can chat with friends and do group video call which keeps safe.

8.     Disinfectant spray :

In this spread disease that has to be very careful about everything that we used in daily life. So we have to carry disinfectant spray at place if you are going outside then you can keep in your pocket or in bag and then you can use them on those things which you used more like car door, cell phone, keys , shopping card etc because everything was get affected by bacteria or virus. 

9.     About food :

This time is going very difficult just because of corona virus pandemic. This pandemic effect us both mentally and physically so we have to take care much about health so we have to eat those food which keep our mind and body healthy and cheerful like whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and cut the food from his diet which contain sugar, caffeine and alcohol.  Always enjoy small meals and avoid overload.

10.   Exercise :

In this pandemic exercise is very important for body because we have to make our body strong and fit to fight with disease but many people ignore it. It will help to increase blood flow in the body that means many immune cells can spread at higher rate. In this pandemic we have to make our immune system stronger then we not affected by other disease. By doing exercise it also help to reduce inflammation and body fat.

     Bottom Line:

     There are many things that we have to keep with us or at home during this pandemic. Few essential products that are mask, sanitizer and face shield. We have to keep our body healthy and fit by doing exercise and eat green vegetables and fruits also.