3 Books under 100 Pages

Everyone has different kinds of hobbies. Be it singing, dancing, art, craft, reading, writing, etc. Some find reading as a hobby time-consuming and boring. But for some, reading is their best friend. Everyone is busy too in their lives so they have got less or no time to read books. So below are 3 books to read under 100 pages that will give life lessons and won't consume much time.

1. Life is short and so is this book

This book is by Peter Atkins which tells how to make the most of your life. Life is fleeting. You can obtain more of practically anything if you work hard and are lucky, but you can't acquire more time. Time only moves in one direction. The average American lives less than 30,000 days. So how you choose to live is important. That is the subject of this book. I don't claim to have all of the answers.

2. 55 Questions to Ask Yourself

This book is written by Manoj Chenthamarakshan. Did you know that questioning oneself is one of the most effective strategies to uncover some previously unknown aspects of yourself? You can discover interesting versions of yourself by asking the appropriate questions. In this book, I have particularly prepared coaching questions that life coaches use to elicit responses from you. To get better outcomes, I recommend that you question each other with a partner. Going it alone is fine, but involving another person in the process will allow you to make significantly more progress. This is due to the fact that when someone else asks the question, we tend to respond in depth. We tend to ponder deeply in order to deliver concise and complete replies.
Here's a little peek at what you'll learn after reading this book:
Questions about self-discovery
Questions about objectives
Belief and value issues
Questions about opportunities
Questions for Taking Action
Questions about habits
Concerns about accountability
Questions about the celebration

3. The Science of Self Talk
This book is by Ian Tuhovsky. This book is about- Talking to ourselves - and learning to listen to ourselves On a daily basis, we all talk to ourselves. We all engage in self-talk, whether it's out loud or as an internal (or infernal) commentary, and how we say to ourselves can have a big impact on our emotions and subsequent behaviors.