8 Best Freelance Jobs for Students in India

 Studying and preparing oneself for a career is of course one of the best decisions of your life. However, did you know that one more superb decision you could take as a student is to look for a good freelance job?

The thought of a job won’t usually cross your mind if your parents are well off and can afford your education and other expenses. However, it’s not strictly necessary to take a freelance job only because your parents are short of cash. As a matter of fact, working during your student days can teach you a whole lot of things such as value for money, proper use of time, money management skills and many more.

Therefore, if you’re interested in finding a superb freelance job as a student in India, look no further. In this article, I will be writing about the eight best freelance job options for students in India.

Eight Best Freelance Jobs for Students

Basically, a freelance job is a form of permanent employment. It means, you would be working only for a few hours daily on these jobs. As a matter of fact, a freelance job enables you to make the best use of your spare time and teaches you skills that could prove vital for your life and career.

Here’s my curated list of eight best freelance jobs for students in India.


If you wish to create a personal brand while a student that would help you in your career, blogging is the best part time job you can take. As a matter of fact, you’ll be own boss and don’t need to report to anyone. A lot of people wrongly believe that blogging is something complex and highly technical. In fact, blogging is very simple and you can easily become a blogger by reading any good online tutorial.

The only skills you’ll need to become a blogger are ability to write excellent, engaging and relevant articles that appeal to a large number of people and a nose for research. You can open a blog on anything- from a subject in your curriculum to a hobby or passion, movies, music, just about anything that’s close to your heart. And you can make a lot of money by subscribing to Google AdSense, doing affiliate marketing, accepting sponsored posts and selling ad space on your blogsite, among other ways.


Also known as vlogging, YouTubing, is excellent way for students to make money during their spare time. Just in case you’re unaware, it’s possible for anyone to open a free channel on YouTube. The only thing that you’ll need to open YouTube channel is a Google account.  You can create and upload videos that people would love to watch and share on your YouTube channel. And once you have enough subscribers to your YouTube channel, subscribe to Google AdSense.

By joining to Google AdSense, you’re permitting Google to display ads on your YouTube channel. And Google pays you for these ads they display. According to SureJob, you can make $3 to $10 per 1000 views depending upon the niche and target audience. You can also do affiliate marketing by selling merchandise through your YouTube channel. You don’t really require a very sophisticated camera to make these videos. If your smartphone has a superb camera, that would be sufficient to make videos. You can get basic video editing skills and software from the Internet.

Online Data Entry

Online data entry jobs are the most common in India. As a matter of fact, you can find these jobs in newspaper classifieds ads, job boards and LinkedIn, among other places. This is also one of the simplest jobs. The only skill you’ll need for data entry jobs is a superb typing speed on a computer keyboard and an eye for details. You’ll also have to work in a manner to meet deadlines of your employers.

This job involves taking raw data from paper forms or audios and filling in the relevant details on templates provided by your employer. You’ll have to complete a set daily target. However, be careful while applying for data entry jobs because there’re lots of scammers that also offer lucrative pay in this field. They ask you to buy software necessary for the work and set impossible targets to avoid paying the money.

Online Bookkeeping

And if you’re expert at math, try this part time job as a bookkeeper. This means, you’ll be keeping accounts for a company or a high net-worth individual. You’ll have to keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out under various heads. And submit the complete record of income and expenses to your employer whenever necessary.

Online bookkeepers make a lot of money. That’s because the job is very complex and could involve accounting for huge sums of money. Though you wouldn’t be handling cash, maintaining astute accounts and preventing frauds is also one of the duties of this job. Therefore, take this job only if you’re good at accounting and math.

Content Writing

Content writing is an evergreen skill that never really goes out of demand. In fact, the demand for content writers rose by 23 percent worldwide during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, at a time when people in other professions were fearing for their jobs. Content writing requires superb writing skills as well as enough patience to research into variety of subjects to create amazing, engaging, interesting and relevant articles.

Generally, most content writers work part time and on freelance basis. However, some do work for employers such as website owners and bloggers. This is a profession where you can make a lot of money with only your writing skills. Working as a content writer isn’t easy. However, it’s worth the extra efforts that you would put in, since you’ll be opening doors to a superb career in this field.

Customer Service

Surely you would have called a customer service helpline for something. And the other person responding to your call would have most likely be a student working part time and freelance as a customer service agent. In fact, a lot of large companies including Amazon India hire students to work as freelance customer service agents. Of course, your employer will provide you with the necessary training to handle customers.

A customer service agent’s job is ideal for both female and male students. It involves receiving calls from customers that have any queries or grievances with an order or product. Your job is to coordinate with the right department and provide a quick resolution to the customer so that they’re happy.

Online Proofreading

Nowadays, the demand for online proofreaders in India is high because lots of authors are publishing their books on Amazon Kindle and other such platforms. Before releasing these books to the public, authors require online proofreaders to check their manuscripts and detect and correct any typos, spelling errors and grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

There’re several organizations that hire online proofreaders. As a student, you can join at the beginner or fresher level and move upwards as you gain experience. This is a superb freelance job since you get paid by the hour and for the number of pages that you proofread daily. It can also help you become a professional proofreader with a large publishing company.

Social Media Assistant

As a student, you might love social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, among others. If so, then working part time as a freelance social media assistant is a perfect job for you. There’re lots of organizations and individuals that require social media assistants to handle their pages and accounts.

Usually, the content for posts and Tweets among others, would be provided by the employer. Your job is to upload these contents on various social media platforms of the employer and respond to comments. In some cases, you might also have to counter adverse comments against a brand, product, service or organization by coordinating with the right departments.

In Conclusion

Almost anyone with basic skills and an interest in working as freelancer can take any of these eight top jobs for students in India. There’re several websites where students can apply for these jobs. Or you can also create an amazing profile on LinkedIn and do a job search. Before concluding, I will repeat that working freelance as a student in India isn’t only about money. In fact, it has more to do with the life skills and job skills that you will acquire through freelance work.