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Defence Research Institutes

 As on date, there are 46 Labs/Estts including five Young Scientists Laboratories of DRDO in the country. The Government has taken following initiatives for promoting research in the defence sector:


  • Creation of five Young Scientists Laboratories (DYSLs) to motivate youth for newer innovations- DRDO has created five DRDO Young Scientists Laboratories (DYSLs) to attract young Scientists/Engineers to join DRDO and provide R&D environment in emerging engineering fields and advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, Cognitive Technologies, Asymmetric Technologies and Smart materials and provide adequate freedom to young scientists to prove their talent.
  • DRDO has introduced a scheme of Research Fellowships to provide opportunity to bright, young scientists/Engineers to carry out research work leading to earning of higher qualification or for acquisition of research experience.  Further, other schemes like Grants-in-Aid Scheme by Extramural Research & Intellectual Property Rights (ER&IPR), various Schemes/MOUs under Research Boards, Exhibitions, inter school and inter college level competitions etc. have also been initiated by DRDO to generate interest in Defence Technologies among school and college students.
  • Paid Apprenticeship Scheme, Internship to B. Tech/ M.Tech/ M.Sc Students, Exhibitions, inter-college level competitions etc. have also been initiated by DRDO to generate interest in Defence Technologies among school and college students.
  • Defence Industry Academia Centre of Excellence (DIA-CoE): DRDO is providing financial support through the DIA-CoE in IITs/Universities to undertake science and technology projects and to create special tests facilities in theses DRDO funded centres. Currently, 10 such DIA-CoE have been established so far by DRDO.
  • Cyber and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses: DRDO has conducted certified courses in AI & Machine Learning (ML) and so far more than 1000 professionals have been trained in these domains.
  • Collaboration between higher educational institution and DRDO through fellowships sponsored under Ministry of Human Resource Development funded institutions: Under this scheme, 500 students have been sponsored for PhD programmes in AICTE/Centrally Funded Technical Institutes under the Ministry of Human Resource Development to work on various DRDO projects thereby attracting young research scholars and provide them working exposures to state-of-the-art Defence technologies, high end research and development activities of DRDO.  Under this scheme, students get the opportunities to have first-hand experience of the ongoing R&D project in niche technology area.
  • Directorate of Technology Development Fund (TDF): TDF was created for projects under Technology Development Scheme.  The scheme encourages participation of public/private industries especially MSMEs and Start-ups, so as to create an eco-system for enhancing cutting edge technology capability for defence application.


The details of funds spent during the last five years by the Department of Defence Research & Development (DD R&D) is as under:-


(Rs. in crore)


DD R&D Exp











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