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Sustainable garden


  1. Reduce: Stop buying supplies for your sustainable garden. Rather start from scrap and try to scale it up. All the new products you buy for your garden in the beginning can mostly be wasted, since you may not be able to utilize it wholly. The best you could do is search for old stuff at home that can help you start your own garden.
  1. Reuse: The best way to reduce the garbage been thrown away from your home is to reuse it. These are so many non-biodegradable things being thrown away from homes in the name of trash. So why not utilizing them effectively before they reach the landfills?
  2. Recycle: This can be aimed for both small- and large-scale production. On small-scale, the household waste, especially the biodegradable products could be potential sustainable garden solutions. This is not just about composting, but even a simple top dressing can benefit your plants largely. However, on a large-scale non-biodegradable could also be turned into useful products.
  3. There are multiple other ways to start a plant which includes:
    • Grafting

    • Tissue culture

    • Root cutting

    • Leaf cutting

    • Layering

    • Budding

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