Chronicles the Life and Adventures

Last few weeks I was busy editing a book and for refreshment I thought of reading this short novel. The novel titled ‘The Bounce’ is really a chronicles the life and adventures of a computer programmer, Raj, as he roams across four nations. The lead character of the noble is representative of the India technocrats who are providing their awesome services across the world. The novel is a natural outcome of the rich experiences gained by the character. The power of love and affection has been duly portrayed in this novel. The lead character named Raj is mad after his beloved and he even moved backed to India from America leaving aside the luxuries of life and the bounties of the new job. This is a reminder for many youths of the Indian and South Asia youths who settle in USA forgetting everything in India.
The travelogue is filled with different flavors as the character enjoyed lovely time with his beloved in Canada, a wonderful country in the world but Indian say it is second Punjab in the world.

This semi-autobiographical novel blurs the boundary between fiction and memoir. This is one of the art of the writing of the fiction which makes one believe that is the story of readers. The author has been able to keep readers spell bound throughout the novel. The use of simple narrative in the novel makes it enjoyable by all readers. The novel is a wonderful portrayal of the life and adventures of those in the global offshoring industry. This story will surely appeal to those interested in understanding the mind of an Indian immigrant, and to those interested in embracing Indian culture.
After reading the novel, I found it to be a fitting bounce back from harsh and cruel world of today. The author has written this novel in a vivid manner with due clarity. The short book is almost a metaphor for the life of the baby Surya, infinitely precious in its words but brief in its time. The author manages to show the idea that pain, while part of life, does not define us, and presents us with the opportunity to dig deep into the things which really matter - love, family, core values, etc. - to find the courage to be transformed, change, and persevere despite the scarring.
The reader will be able to experience the whole spectrum of human emotion -- humor, joy, love, hope, sorrow, shock, anger and ultimately revelation. These emotions are interwoven with fascinating revelations about various parts of the world, such as Switzerland, Canada, India, and parts of the United States in a form which makes readers keep his/her eyes glued to pages of the novel.
What I will like to conclude about this novel is that it is well-written, well-structured and apart from Raj and Priya’s story, it contains interesting facts about today’s world, as experienced professions who move from one city to other and even from one country to other spanning continents. This is a classical explanation of the joys and plight of youths working in multinational companies who move from homeland to other countries and experience different cultures and lifestyles.
Kudos to author!
Shashikant Nishant Sharma