Civil Services Creates Social Elites

The civil services provide a good platform for diluting the compartment of social elites which used to be mostly from amongst the upper castes of the Hindus. Now there are no such social elites instead new form of social elites based on profession is gaining more importance. 
Social Class in India

New Emerging Social Class System

Now we can say that, at least, in urban areas that there is class system not the traditional caste system.In this context, I would like to take the example of the Muslims of Kashmir, they have carved a niche in the social elite group of the country i.e., the civil servants. Kashmir as a state has got ranked third (after Bihar and Uttar Pradesh) in the list of states from where the maximum number of candidates for prestigious civil services. Among the appearing and qualifying students from Kashmir, the number of Muslims is increasing significantly over recent years.Now, at many instances, I feel that the true essence of our Constitution is getting fructified. The barrier free entry of all the citizens of the nation into all the services of the government and above them the system of reservation to ensure that the weaker section of the society get their due share in the apple pie of the growth and development of the country.One the contributing factor of increasing percentage of successful candidates from Kashmir valley can be credited to the system of reservation and the enthusiastic approach of media in popularization of the civil services as a medium of social salvation and strongest medium for greater (after the medium of Political representation) say in the socio-economic and political life of the country.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma