Homosexual Consensual Marriage in USA

The recent support for homosexual consensual marriage in USA is a good move in the real applicability of the right to universal equality as envisaged in the Universal Human rights of the United Nations Organisation. 
LGBT Rights Around The World

Steps in Right Direction to Provide Relief 

The discriminatory action against the homosexual people is not a fair deal. The model law enactment by the USA will initiate such action from other countries of the world. Here we have to take into account the consensual relations and forced relations which may take place in the pseudo-protection under the law. The countries like India will sure take conscious decision and make suitable modification to suit Indian context. The Delhi High Court has already made clear its point for such laws that will ensure protection of interest of homosexuals.
India should initiate a process framing such legislation to protect the interests of homosexual and equality of social status should be insured for every individuals of the country. The legislation is for the protection of people and not for the harassment. Due to absence of legal status to such live-in relations of the homosexuals lead to various social and administrative harassments. 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma