Commissioning of Kundukulam Nuclear Power Plant

In a relief for the Centre and the Tamil Nadu (TN) government, the Supreme Court (SC) on 6 May 2013 approved the commissioning of the Kudankulam nuclear plant.
Kundukulam Nuclear Power Plant
Kundukulam Nuclear Power Plant

What Dispute all about in Kundukulam

The supreme court has approved the commissiong of the controversial Kudankulam nucler plant. The supreme court said that the Kudankulam plant is safe and necessary for public interest and economic growth of the country. The apex bench has observed that the nuclear plants are needed in the country for the present and future generation and the plant has been set up by the government for the welfare of the people. In the last three months a bench of justices had marathon arguments and consultation with various parties. Anti - nuclear activists had filed a petition challenging the project. They also raised questions about the disposal of nuclear plant wastes and the plant's impact on the environment and the safety of the people residing nearby. The centre, Tamil Nadu government and nuclear power corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) have to operates the nuclear power plant for meeting the ever increasing energy demands of the growing economy.
But on the other hand, India has not progressed at desired pace in the Renewable Energy resources. The Coal is running out which is the major ingredient for power. Hydro projects are not enough to power our country. The Nuclear energy is the need of the hour and of course safety is paramount. The legendary former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has given a certificate on this project. He is the most respected and trusted Nuclear Scientist across the globe. People all over the country and especially in rural areas are facing acute power cuts of over 16 hours per day. Commissioning of this project will at least bring down the cuts.
Good decision-Too much of Hue and cry and spreading unwanted propaganda for the sake of vested interest, Not looking into the benefit of whole state and our country. There are very old plant functioning without any danger then why to go after this modern plant.
Great relief for the people of TN who have been reeling under heavy load shedding for the last two years. The judges have arrived at the decision only after careful scrutiny of the details provided by experts of Nuclear Energy, which includes the technocrats from NPCIL. Even our most revered Dr. Kalam, had visited the plant personally and had vouched the absolute safety of the plant. As usual, in any development process, there is bound to be vested interest and this plant was no exception. As was visualised, the protesters were receiving funds from overseas for their agitation and it was proved last month when few lakhs were found to be credited into the account of the lady movement organizers from Britain.

Brief side of Anti- Nuclear Power Plan Agitation

It is hoped that the agitators will now at least respect of the judgement of the Supreme Court, which must have taken the decision after taking into account all aspects. Moreover, the Govt. would not be spending crores of rupees without weighing the pros and cons of the project. In spite of all safety measures, planes crash, trains meet with accident, natural calamities claims hundreds of lives at a time. Electric power is no more a luxury but an essential thing for everybody. Anticipating some disaster despite assurance from all authorities, stalling the commissioning of the plant is not in national interest. The SC has also said in its judgement that the Kudankulam plant is safe and secure and it is necessary for larger public interest and economic growth of the country.
All the nuclear power plants cannot be compared to accidents which happened in Japan. There are lot more factors. Kudankulam is located at a much safer earthquake zone. In a developing nation like India, we need such plants. Apart from that, govt can look into harnessing more of solar energy and wind energy. In developed nations like Germany, one can see solar panels on 30-40% houses. India receives rich solar power and has long coastlines to harness wind energy. Subsidy should also be provided for the time being, so that these energies are affordable for common men. Anyway, good decision by SC.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma