Earn from Affiliate of Reputed Companies and Agencies

There are many websites which run affiliate program which gives you added advantage of earning extra money while using the internet and your creative skill. Today we will discuss how to earn from the affiliate program when you run a website or blog for your fun and fascination. The time tested affiliate programs will be discussed in coming few weeks. 

Today we will share some affiliate programs which will help you monetize your website or blog. 
By signing up for my affiliate program you can make money just by telling other authors about the products, tools and free information that you already love.   I use Share a Sale for my affiliate program, so you can choose to get paid weekly for commissions of $10 or more.  

My affiliates earn 50% commission on all of the sales that are generated by them. Generating sales is made easy with my affiliate resource center. It provide tools for affiliates to use, as well as tips for bringing in more sales.  
You can learn more about affiliate program later on, and sign up here to avail this opportunity: 
I am continuously testing best affiliate marketing programs that work for several niches. I will update this post to make sure you can find the best affiliate marketing websites to make bigger affiliate commissions.
It’s not a complete list. I just wanted to show you the best affiliate programs you can use to make money online.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma