Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia and Role of USA

 "The United States remains deeply concerned by the dangers posed by the continuing buildup of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems in South Asia," Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non proliferation Thomas Countryman said in his address to the 2015 Review Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons in Geneva on 29 April, 2013.
Nuclear Proliferation in world
Courtesy: Chappatte Cartoon

Why this Nuclear Weapon Proliferation 

The only countries who could not restrain and proliferated the nuclear arsenal is the same one asking others not to do so. They claim their strategic advantage as a whip and we the cats fight among ourselves thinking the piece we are going to get is a favor done to us.
Whole world know that who is the largest investor to date for nuclear weapon technology. You yourself developed each and every possible form and dimension of the weapon. Now you teach us a lesson of peace? Can you listen? The propagandist of so called peace who keep on disturbing peace in West Asia.

In the absence of nuclear free world, all the efforts at preventing nuclear proliferation would be tantamount to privileging the nuclear haves over the nuclear have-nots.
Hypocrisy and the government of USA are two sides of the same coin.Yes, nukes are most evil weapons and in my opinion should not exist on our planet Earth, But Americans have the cheek to tell India to restrain on developing nuclear weapons when USA itself and it's side kicks like UK and allies like France posses world's largest stockpile of nukes and USA is the only country which has ever used atom bombs in aggression, when it wiped off Japan's cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and since that crime against humanity has kept on threatenig other nations with nuclear attacks. USA should practise what it lectures to us.

When the rouge neighbours are flexing their muscles we should not be subdued , the big brother US always has a soft corner for Pakistan as they need that strategically. We are a peace loving country and we don't try to intrude into other countries land like China and Pakistan.
They closed their eyes when Zia-ul-Haque was developing Pakistan's nuclear and missile arsenal as they needed them to wage fu-king Jihad on the Soviets. Now when Pakistan has become a rogue nuclear state and exporter of Jihad, they keep on funding them. Why can't the fu-king US shut off the funds flow to the Jihad factory? Why lecture to others?

Terrorism in Pakistan

Initially US financed terror in Pakistan to use as a tool in Afganistan war in 1980s and 1990s , it was after 9/11 when terror hit US that suddenly it woke up to it and started operations against terrorism in Afganistan and Iraq and even in pak and in process with its NATO allies was responsible for taking many innocent lives too, for US if a country accepts its version of terror than its fine if not then its an enemy.Now that both Pakistan and US had been long time associates.  And Pakistan very well knows that in Afganistan US supply line depends upon Pakitani routes, along with blind support of China , Pakistan is distancing itself from US in Afganistan, as a result US looks up to india as natural ally to counter its biggest threat China in Asia and wants to use India as buffer, US very well knows that South Asia is largest consumer of arms due to unstable relationship between countries, therefore US would always like to maintain status quo in the region for its economic & political agenda.

Let the US first dismantle nuclear arsenal piled up by Pakistan with full knowledge , support, encouragement if US and China. The US deliberately ignored supply of nuclear technology by Pakistan to N Korea. India should ignore US and insist on stopping arms aid to Pakistan
Now its time when China is showing aggression and U.S. is asking India and Pakistan to curb Nuclear Programs Why? 

Shashikant Nishant Sharma