The Changing View of Public for Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi has done brilliant job in gaining majority in parliament on seer dint of his hard work. The call for change and casting of votes crossing the caste and creed lines was unprecedented in the parliamentary election. Prime Minister deserves an applause for this.  

Public Image of Prime Minister

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Over the last 11 months of Modi government, there has been growing tension in the Parliament as the party in power is in majority and wishes not to hear the voices of others. The case is clear from the recent cases of inability to give space for the criticism by opposition parties in the Parliament by Speaker Ms Sumitra Mahajan. There is growing tension between Ms. Mahajan and the Opposition wherein many MPs are expressing their dismay. This is clear indication of the Speaker being struck with the  “partisan” attitude. From the news, it is evident that at many occasions Ms. Mahajan has directed the switching off of microphones mid-speech.

She has forgotten the decorum of the House and it is high time that Ms Mahajan should be reminded about the Speaker’s role in the parliamentary democracy.
is well-defined: once elected, she is expected to detach herself from government activity to run the House impartially. The Rules characterise the Speaker as “the true guardian of the traditions of parliamentary democracy”, stressing that her decisions are “final and binding and ordinarily cannot be questioned, challenged or criticised”. While giving “adequate opportunities to all sections of the House to ventilate their views”, she must “preserve the dignity of the House”. Mr. Modi is neither the first Prime Minister — nor will he be the last — to face Opposition fire in Parliament. Since Independence every Prime Minister has faced criticism. This was true also of Nehru, who enjoyed an absolute majority and enormous public esteem. Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was regularly pilloried in Parliament, would, like all his predecessors, defend himself. Mr. Modi, who has positioned himself as a strong leader, does not need the protection of the Chair. As for the Speaker, she must not just be just, she must be seen to do justice.

To keep a balance between politics and administration is the need the hour. Our PM should is doing good in launching new schemes and initiatives. This is one of the way of keeping public and media pre-occupied.Focus on good work.