Rape Cases in Delhi: A Wake Up Call

The is more corrupt politicians than criminals in our society. This is evident from their stand in the framing of the anti rape legislation. They well know that their wards will be first who will get booked under the law. Who is going to prepare snare for himself. They plunder, destroy, create new problems, complicate all the old ones and thus mess everything up in all possible ways and manners.
Rape Cases in Delhi

Rise in Sexual Abuse Cases

Their ongoing and never-ending looting is the main reason why India, apart from figuring in many extremely shameful contexts like this and others, is also topping the child and maternal mortality list. There are serious consequences for our nation's safety, security, welfare and existence, it cannot be tolerated at all and must be nipped in the bud. Nothing in India works now as as it ought to, as everything - including all 4 pillars of our democracy - is corrupted to the core and destroyed. It is also the 4th most dangerous country for a woman to be in. 33% of the world's poor live in our India. The ones who is personally responsible and accountable for this: all our present topmost politicians. This and other extremely pathetic and totally unacceptable present day realities in our India are its crystal-clear and irrefutable proof. Many international judicial experts and Human Rights activists opine that it is a matter that needs to be dealt with as veritable Human Rights crimes. Hence the immediate necessity for complete and thorough leadership and system changes, via a democratically correct, peaceful and thereby universally acceptable Second and Real Indian Independence Movement, to liberate our nation and its citizens from the corrupt and criminal politicians. The moment elected servants turn traitors, oppressors and tyrants, they have forfeited all rights to rule and must be deposed forthwith. It is not only a Fundamental Democratic and Human Right as unequivocally enshrined in the UN Charter thereof, but also the solemn personal duty and responsibility of each and every citizen. When the evil plunder and destroy, the good must unite, act and obliterate them by all democratic means and methods. 

Increase in Harassment of Women at Workplace

In today's India, the former Inspector General of Police Shambhu Pratap Singh Rathore (S.P.S. Rathore) of Haryana, who molested the 14-year-old Ruchika Girhotra in 1990 and eventually led her to committing suicide got away with a mere six months imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1,000 and apparently he is still receiving his pension and perks from the government. In today's India, the mother of Geetika Sharma committed suicide because after crying for justice for her daughter, who was also forced to commit suicide by her tormentor, the mother realised that justice for her daughter would not be coming anytime soon because the tormentor was an influential politician of the ruling party. In today's India, corruption is like a hydra raising so many heads that you don't know which one to cut because as soon as you cut one, it raises another one faster than the one you cut. And who is responsible for this? The same people who were elected by you, the people of India, to protect their lives and assets, to give you and your forthcoming generations a good and prosperous life. But while they get richer, you still struggle. In today's India, politicians loot the exchequer, become rich and if by chance they are caught and prosecuted, they spend a few months in the VVIP cells of jails, are let off and the money they looted is never found or returned to the people to whom it belonged. What to do?,,....
All the Women MP's and MLA's cutting across party lines should resign enmass across the country across all Governments and made their voice heard. These politicians understand only one language. The fear of losing their seats. Most of the Governments with a few exceptions are depending on other parties for survival with wafer thin majority. What Ms.Sushma Swaraj expressed is bang on and she should lead by example and create a mass movement so that such dastardly crimes are stopped for good.


Otherwise, you who read this, may be their next victim. Understand? The entire global community and all world leaders will thank us Indians for it, as our mega Indian scams are matters of grave concern for each and everyone of them, their economies and nations. So, wake up while you still may and do what you must do now and live very well, my dear compatriots and patriots! Down with the corrupt and criminal, who are enemy no 1 of our India and all Indians! Long live unity and solidarity with our suffering Indian women! 
Jai Hind!
Shashikant Nishant Sharma