Red Fort (Lal Quila) -“The Royal Legacy Continues”

The red fort of India is a universally accepted place of attraction. The Red stone built fort stand as a testimony of the royal power of country for last five centuries. During Mughal period, it acquired prominence which has continued till date. The Britishers also used this fort for their power expansion and Independent India can boast of rich cultural heritage from this fort.
Red Fort, Delhi
Red Fort, Delhi

Some of the chief features of this monument:

The Diwan-i-' Am ('Hall of Public Audience') is a rectangular hall, three aisle deep, with a façade of nine arches. At the back of the hall is an alcove, where the royal throne stood under a marble canopy, with an inlaid marble dias below it for the prime minister.

The Diwan-i-Khass ('Hall of Private Audience') is a highly-ornamented pillared hall, with a flat ceiling supported on engrailed arches. The lower portion of its piers is ornamented with floral pietra dura panels, while the upper portion was originally gilded and painted.

The Tasbih-Khana ('chamber for counting beads for private prayers') consists of three rooms, behind which is the Khwabgah ('sleeping-chamber'). On the northern screen of the former is a representation of the Scales of Justice, which are suspended over a crescent amidst stars and clouds.

The Hammam ('Bath') consists of three main apartments divided by corridors. To the west of the Hammam is the Moti-Masjid ('Pearl Mosque'), added later by Aurangzeb. The Hayat-Bakhsh-Bagh ('Life-giving garden'), with its pavilions, lies to the north of the mosque, and was later considerably altered and reconstructed.

Indian cherish all the good things of olden time. We are so passionate with our heritage that we never associate them with any clan but with our culture and civilization.
The Grand Red fort is a most visited monument of Delhi and anyone visiting Delhi will hardly hope to miss visiting it.

I have enjoyed a number of trip to this monument with my friends and hope one day you will also visit this monument which is a testimony to our rich architectural heritage.