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Sense of Energy

The wise distribution of different resources utilization and planning can help in reducing the consumption of energy. The judicious implementation of neighbourhood concept of planning can help in achieving this objective. Here, again, author would like to give example from Delhi, a role model planning of city in independent India. 

The wise distribution of different resources utilization and planning
In Delhi the whole city has been divided into 15 planning zones and each planning zones further into different sub-zones. The idea was to translate the provisions of the master plan to the ground level and use the concept of self-sufficient units of development. The zones have been provided with all the basic physical, social, commercial and recreational uses in such a manner to make them self-sustaining and thus reducing the dependence of different areas on other areas which may ultimately results in use of more travelling time. The rain-water harvesting for ensuring groundwater recharge and regulated development controls to minimize the haphazard growth of urban heat lands. Energy saved is energy produced must be practiced rather than professed.
by Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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