Sense of Utility for Planning

The field of physical planning is multi-disciplined and to plan better for enhanced living condition for the human beings, planners need to keep in mind a number of planning guidelines and development parameters. There are many theories that guide the planning process and many techniques to achieve the objectives of the planning. Here, in this short article, we will discuss how some core values of the planning can be achieved if we adopt the specific senses of planning guidelines. Planning is an objective as well as subjective process of rational decision making to achieve some tangible development in a given time frame with the available minimum resources to ensure inclusive social upliftment. First and foremost thing that every planner must keep in his mind that the plan and policy guidelines will take the physical form and it is his responsibility to foresee the future implication while proposing something.
Sense of Utility for Planning

First sense of planning is ‘Sense of Utility’. Planners must keep in mind the utility of available space. The plan may not be for optimal utility at the time being but it should leave some scope for future readjustment and evolution of space in the realm of time. During my stay and study in Delhi over last few years, I have seen how the space demarcated for the median long ago has been wisely utilized for the construction of elevated Metro Rail network in the city. The wise use of the plantation strip to segregate the footpath from the vehicular traffic and use of the below space for construction of sewer/drainage network is a wonderful example of utility of space.  Planning should add value to the life of the resident and must act as rejuvenating bloodstream of the economy.
By Shashikant Nishant Sharma
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