National Investigation Agency (NIA)

National Investigation Agency (NIA) is doing a commendable job and now is the time to act in more intelligent and effect manner to counter the terrorist and destructive activities. The creation of National Counter Terrorist Center (NCTC) will strengthen the NIA and lighted the burden on the CBI who has to take up varied job at demand of the time. NIA should be more like FBI only then we will ensure the safety and security of the citizen of India from internal and external dangers.
National Investigation Agency (NIA)

The NIA is active and this is a good thing in India where it takes time to take off for good things. The agency need more resources to shoulder the greater responsibility of safeguarding the peace and security from various internal and external dangers operation on our soil and across border.

Government is keen to operationalise the NCTC which will strengthen the NIA and make it one of the best counter terrorism agency of the world. The fear of some of the state government is baseless and the Home Ministry is doing a commendable job in bring all on discussion table and sort out the differences.
India is a role model for many developing and underdeveloped countries and our successful execution of this anti terror exercise will boost morale of other countrie and they will seek our expert guidance in countering the ever-increasing influence of global terrorism. 
Shashikant NIshant Sharma