Need for Regulatory Body for Political Parties

This is happening in most of the state and centre due to the personal property like treatment of political parties. Unless and until there is some regulatory body to monitor the finance and internal election procedure of political parties, nothing is going to change.
Need for Regulatory Body for Political Parties

Aam Admi Party is a good initiative in this direction let's see how many people come in their support. Many political parties start with the aim of making transparency in the politics of not only in the state or nation but also within the party management committee. Overtime most of the political parties become a hereditary assets of some of the political veterans.
There is already Election Commission of the country and state Election Commission but they are not empowered to intervene in the internal mechanism of the political parties.
The increasing incidents of decreasing moral values of the politicians and corruption in the selection procedure of the candidates for the election by such political parties has let us feel the need for greater regulation of the political parties.
Many political parties are notorious of selecting candidates from criminal backgrounds and there are also incident of undisclosed sources of funding of the election campaign which mostly comes from the black money. 
Political parties will not bring any such legislation unless and until there is strong public resentment through massive agitation and demonstration such as we witnessed during the Lokpal and the recent criminal act amendment bill necessitated after the agitation for justice to the rape victim of Delhi.
In coming future, we may find some sort of legislation which will regulate the party system in India and their mode of operation for the betterment of the country and healthy sustenance of the democracy.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma