Nuclear Power for North Korea Power Balance

North Korea's continuing development of nuclear technology and long-range ballistic missiles will move it closer to its stated goal of being able to hit the United States with an atomic weapon, a new Pentagon report to Congress said on 2 May 2013.
North Korea's continuing development of nuclear technology

Why is media so negative about the attempts of North Korea for developing the military might to counter the ever mounting security concern from the nuclear warheads from east and west? Why is media not talking about Israeli nukes?  Don’t you think Israel's nukes are potentially dangerous as well?
If Pakistan can acquire nuclear power then why can’t we allow North Korea and Iran to get the required nuclear power so that there is no fear of anyone power over the other. This will ensure long term power balance in the world must needed when USA and NATO are still wielding power over the weak nations.
Unfortunately, India has never attacked a country until it is being attacked. So you cannot expect India to do that. That said, if nuclear disarmament is required, then the entire world should do so. Because every time you ask a country not to develop nuclear technology, they justify of using it is a deterrent on any threat to its sovereignty. And if India, US, Russia and other countries can justify by giving the same reason, why not North Korea and Iran? So the only way of doing is by de-escalating the tensions in the Korean peninsula and West Asia is the voluntary disarmament of all Nuclear weapons by all the countries.
North Korea is giving the president and the people of the US sleepless nights. For once, the US have met their match in a country who refuses to cower before them. That is the spirit Kim, give it to them standing. From this incident, the other countries of the world should realize that they too can stand up to the bullying by the US and threaten to speak them in their faces if they bring war closer to their homes.
North Korea reaching US is the worst case scenario and US reaching North Korea is the best case scenario.