Talent Hunt

Talent is the revealed ability
Transformation of potential into capacity
Talent is doing extra ordinary
Extra effort while doing things ordinary
Talent is expression of knowledge
Being on the winning edge
Talent is the art of making a difference
From things ordinary, bringing out brilliant inference
Talent is a form of possibility
The meeting of a person with opportunity
Talent is the realization of potential
Culmination of hard work and luck partial
Talent is 99 percent perspiration
Fueled by one percent aspiration
Talent is like glittering gold
Among the unpolished jewels new and old
Talent is present in every individual
But what matters is the efforts actual
Talent is a form of brilliance
It shines when preparation meets chance
Talent is performing the best
Without letting a moment go waste
Talent is doing well
More than what someone tell
Talent is recognizing potentials and abilities
Acquiring capabilities and using opportunities
Shashikant Nishant Sharma