Politics for Prime Ministership in India

Prime Minister of India
Who is PM of India? Photo Courtsy http://www.dailymail.co.uk
India in recent years has witnessed a new form of Prime Ministership. The nominal Prime Minister (PM) is Mr. Man Mohan Singh but the real executive power lies with the Congress Party President Ms Sonia Gandhi. This time they have not used the concept of Deputy Prime Minister which Mr Lal Krishna Advani used as he wished to be next PM. If that concept had been used then Mr Rahul Gandhi could had been Deputy Prime Minister of India.
There are very few people who know their power and opportune time to utilize that. Mr PM is lacking in that he is just a rubber stamp for Ms Sonia Gandhi who feared that if she would have opted for the PM then the government would have collapsed in few weeks of formation. To strengthen the coalition government and make other feel that the government will work unbiased of the party politics, Ms Sonia thought is worth to make a pseudo PM for this term and in the next term make her own son the PM of India which she earnestly wished for years.
Mr. Advani design of gaining power failed but let's see how Mr. Rahul and Ms Sonia's strategy of gaining powers works.
While searching for an appropriate photo to denote this state of affairs, I came across of number of interesting cartoon but keeping in view the sanctity of the forum and respect for the democratic institution of India, I opted for this photo from a news website.
Jai Hind!
By Shashikant Nishant Sharma