Solution to Maoist Insurgency

Sometimes strong message is sent through the bad deeds if we are ready to hear it. The rise and strengthening of Moist insurgency in India is the clear indication of the unfulfilled dreams of many Indian living in rural and backward areas. The unregulated development of the natural resources of the country has rendered many tribal and forest dwellers without any livelihood and opportunity of honourable life. 
Maoist show of strength

Undemocratic as it may sound; such eliminations in fact serve to strengthen democracy by piercing the cloak of government protection available to the politicians, judiciary and the executive. The three branches blatantly partake the privileges of their position without paying even a lip-service to the responsibilities of their position; using democracy to strait-jacket the ordinary man while leaving them free to indulge in their undemocratic activities. Sure; Politics is a necessary evil; but how evil does it need to get before it becomes unbearable. For their sake, the politicians should learn the right lessons from many episodes of the Moist attacks on the civilian and armed forces.

Central Government should take the issue of Moist insurgency seriously and chart out long term plan and reach at the root cause of this problem. Cosmetic action through CRPF and peramilitiry force is not long term solution. There should be detailed discussion with all the political parties and make long time plans for up-lift of rural and tribal community otherwise time is not far away when even PM and other Ministers in Delhi will feel the heat in near future. Even after 65 years of Independent India if we could not find solution to these community, it shows failure of system and in-competency of our governance system.

Socialism And Pluralism - Poem by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

When power rules
The pot of vice is fills
And might becomes right
When money is valued more than man
When man don't get what he can
Poor get fooled
And sometime culled
Toiling day and night
For someone else delight
Living a life of plight
Seeing the sight
Bothering not slight
The spark of revolution get light
Setting emotions in motion
Signalling an era of evolution
If the system doesn't change
For the benefits that they exchange
The system fails without fail
Its a theory not a tale
Then right becomes might
And begins a fight
Fight for right
For own delight
Share the benefits of society
Between weak and mighty
Might is not always right
When someone is ready to face
With due diligence and delight
When the anger surface
Then no other options but to flight
Giving way to socialism
Democracy and pluralism