Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India

 Rahul Gandhi has been in this race for last five years and it is the tradition of Congress to prefer someone from so called Gandhi family to come in command and control of the party.
Man Mohan Singh was made Prime Minister because at that time Rahul was a bit immature in politics and there was no clear cut majority in Parliament. Sonia Gandhi could had become PM if Congress had got clear majority. 
No one want to take the blame of the party performance in the election and hence Congressmen are reluctant to announce the candidate for PM. 
Their intention is clear. If party comes in majority then Rahul will be PM otherwise Man Mohan Singh will take responsibly of carrying on the coalition government to next level.
The party politics is not hard to understand but many prefer not to utter a word and stay silent for some petty favours. The decline of political influence of Rastriya Janta Dal is a clear indication that nepotism in politics will cost more. The undemocratic nature of preference of own kith and kins is deep rooted in Indian politics. 
Congress is no exception and the rational voters will show the right path to such misguided politician a lesson through the voting. The probability of third front at centre is getting stronger in coming days. And this is the right time to think over the issue of party politics and the development of the nation.