Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Crime Control

Central Bureau of Investigation
Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is a prime anti crime agency for Government of India. CBI has been doing a commendable job for last decades but in recent years it has been blamed that CBI has become a puppet in the hand of the ruling government to keep a close watch on the erring allies and opposition parties. CBI should be made totally independent with a fixed time frame under the supervision of Supreme Court of India to see whether the actions of the premier agency is influenced by the political masters or they are independent to act in the best interest of the nation.
Under the existing scenario when atleast half truth is known that various ministries have seen CBI report on coalgate but still they have not come out with their suggestions for changes or more information to be incorporated in the status report. In this situation whole nation would like to know what Congress high command (Mrs. Sonia Gandhi & Mr. Rahul Gandhi)thinks about this. Needless to say as usual both of them will play hide & seek game and will keep their mouth shut. Is this what is expected from a so called future PM or a responsible man? I am sorry, I should not raise this issue because Rahul Baba must be busy with tours to strenghthen his party. His priority is party because his bread & butter comes from there.
Some of the people can be seen often saying CBI as Congress Bureau of Investigation afterall.
Now the matter is clear, CBI is part of UPA. This interference of UPA also shows why they do not want to bring strong Lokpal and why they do not take action against the corrupt. Indian politics certainly has no ethics at all. They are not even ashamed of their actions. 
In the light of the new developments perhaps there is no possibility that PM and Law Minister will be able to continue in power. May be time has come for Congress Party to appoint some one like A K Antony as PM. He is at present considered to be No 2 in the cabinet
The common perception that CBI works hand in glove with the ruling party is proven, though no one doubted it earlier. The rise of corruption in UPA tenure is unparalleled. I hope the citizens of India punish them during the elections. We often complain about corruption and then bringing the same party back to power.
CBI director Ranjit Sinha on Friday admitted in the Supreme Court that the investigating agency's last status report in the coal block allocation scam was shared with the law minister, and secretaries in the PM0 and Coal Ministry."I submit that the draft of the status report was shared with the law minister as desired by him prior to submission before the court." "Besides the political executive, it was also shared with one joint secretary level officer each of the PMO and Ministry of Coal as desired by them," Sinha admitted in an affidavit. 
Is it fair to share the allegation report with the people alleged in the report and allow them to alter it before it come in public through the court? Don’t you think that these reports should be directly presented to the court through the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma