Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

Cyber Security  Law in India

Cyber Security is becoming a matter of great concern and there should be strong national and international cyber crime control agencies to counter the hackers and punish them as far as possible to minimise the cyber crime in the virtual world. 
Nowadays, many companies and organisations public and private are storing a ton of information on the web for the benefit of the users and public which must be protected to ensure uninterrupted services to citizen.
Attaching cyberspace should be brought under the crime done by the terrorists so that more stringent punishment can be mated on the wrong doers.

Increase in Cyber Crime

Let the world enjoy the freedom and liberty of speech and expression provided on such a wonderful platform which knows no physical boundaries defined by our political and social structures. 
We are in an age which is more global in nature and features. We must act in a responsible manner to prove ourselves as cosmopolitan citizen of the world. Everyone has rights as well as duties and one must not forget that unless and until we render the defined moral, cultural, social and political duties we cannot claim a share in the natural and political rights.
Time has come when we should come forward forgetting every differences and acting in a responsible manner to ensure a new world order for the coming generation. 
Future has unbound possibilities for us if we live in a more amicable and friendly manner helping our fellow citizen climb the ladder of success and attain the freedom. The freedom of varying dimensions social, economic, political, moral and cultural from the various levels of social and political systems.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma