Management of Water Resources

Management of Water Resources

Water is a crucial resource for the sustenance of human life on the Earth and we must take immediate steps to conserve and preserve our water resources. The different ministries and departments should work in unison so that a comprehensive scheme for water conservation and preservation can be adopted. 
The need of the hour is to utilize the available water resources in a judicious manner and work out plans and schemes for water recycling, waste reduction and reuse of the water. All urban and rural local bodies should monitor the implementation of rain water harvesting systems and encourage the use of modern and efficient equipment that reduces the wasteful water generation from the conventional practices. Eco-sanitation programs can be adopted to reduce the water wastage in traditional toilets.
The recycling of waste water can be done at household level with use of innovative design of the bathrooms and toilets. Why can't be use the water of bathing room and wash basin in the flushing system of toilets. 
Simple measures of connecting the water discharge drains to underground water storage and simple storage of rain water can go a long way in maintaining the present level of ground water in the country.
Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization of Indian towns, the level of ground water is fast dwindling and in some town the ground water is at the verge of depletion in few decades. Water scarcity is common in Metropolitan towns and situation is grim in small towns.
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