Inaction of Ministry of Culture

    Inaction of Ministry of Culture
    Miserably trapped between  is lagging behind in the promotion of the culture and art for which the ministry was created. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture in its recent reports noted that the Ministry of Culture's lack of seriousness, improper planning and unwillingness to change its ways has costed a lot to the culture and art. While reviewing the Ministry's demand for grants (2012-13), the committee found that the ministry has been inactive and inefficient in spending the allotted fund for the culture. Of the Rs. 805 crore sanctioned last year, only about Rs. 570 crore was used. This has clearly undermines the demand for more government spending on cultural activities. It should be noted that only 0.16 per cent of the total Eleventh Plan allocation was allocated for the ministry of culture.
    There is now a need for comprehensive review of the whole Ministry of the Culture and its working so that a more realistic target oriented planning is done to achieve the true objective of the ministry for the upkeep and promotion of culture. The appointment of professional and experts of the field is not done on time and this surely adds fuels to the fire of degrading condition of the ministry and its working.
    Cultural events are hardly organised by the Ministry to promote the dwindling rare arts and cultures of the tribal and rural areas. In Delhi, there is a Kathputali colony where artists live in a very pathetic condition without getting anything from the government and the neglect of the performing artists will surely impact the tourism. The relation of tourism and culture is strong and must be harnessed.
    Hope the Ministry will pay heed and take the required remedial actions.