Discrepancy theory

The idea of discrepancy concept is to present an explanation behind “the ultimate supply of anxiety and dejection”. A character that did not complete his assignment feels the texture of tension and regrets under-performing. He will feel dejected as he was “not able to acquire their hopes and aspirations”. In keeping with this principle, everybody will examine what is expected of them for a particular function, and in the event that they do not meet the ones expectations then they’re punished. Over the years, those obligations and duties together form an abstract set of concepts, exact as a self-manual. Agitation and tension are the number one reaction whilst a character fails to accumulate the duty or obligation. This concept additionally clarifies that “if success of the obligations is acquired then the praise can be praise, approval, or love, the achievements and aspirations moreover form an abstract set of concepts, known as the ideal self-manual. Even as the person fails to attain those rewards, they begin to have feelings of dejection, sadness, or maybe despair.”