Art and Culture during Mughal Period

Beginning with the Mugal period they had ruled in our country for over 300 years. They were very fond of art and architecture specially Shah Jahan was having good knowledge of the architecture under him only the famous Taj Mahal was built where the workers were called from different places of the world.
            The mughal era had a lot of landscaping, open spaces and greenery. They made bazaars, idgaah for praying outside the main city. They were adapting the new technologies to prepare themselves to fight in the war. During mugal era most of the part of the country came under one rule so there was more development seen, condition of the people were improved.
            During the British period, the colonization was done which lead to the urbanization which future lead to the making of sub webs leading to the setting up of railway line.
            They found the condition here in India very unhealthy so they developed civil lines and army cantonment and barracks on the outskirts.
            They started broadening the roads despite of the higher cost damaging done to the already existing historical buildings.
            The established the railway lines, they created the cantonments and hill station, sewer an drainage systems were created.
            At that time a town planners Edwin Lutyer was called to plan New Delhi. And he created a plan which invalided a lot of green spaces, open spaces proper roads separate industrial, residential. The Connaught place and the Rashtrapati Bhawan was designed by him New Delhi was made into administrative centre.
            During Mughal Period technologies were not that advanced but then too according to the technologies were there the cities were planned accordingly where as during British period more advanced technologies came and a better planning was done at the areal level. So a more organized area developed with a better road network drainage and server system, railway etc.
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