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Evolution of aesthetics, culture and technology in Europe and North America

Evolution of aesthetics, culture and technology in Europe and North America led to development of city planning principle. The cities were becoming more dimly populated pollution was there, the condition of the city was not that good.
            So Ebenese towards came with the idea of garden city.
There are three magnets
¾    Town magnet
Advantages include housing, job opportunities, social life, leisure space and disadvantages pollution, less open space and greenery
¾    Country magnet
In greener, less polluted, has more lacks opportunities proper housing, leisure space.
¾    So the third magnet was designed which widuded both the town and country magnet advantages known as Town and country magnet.
One the concept of Town and country magnet the garden city was developed.
This was designed as the concentric rings with the city garden as the city center.
With maximum population of 32000 people and area of 6000 acres.
It was self sufficient city owned by the people, cooperatingly.
There was everything industries, agricultural areas, housing, markets and war arrange in the rings of the concentric circle.
Public transport was not that requires.
If the population increase the maximum value aq new garden city was created and the two garden cities were connected through railway lines and public transport.
Garden city induded proper green and open spaces, not that high density of population, good environment.
The aesthetics, culture and technology in Europe and North America evolved, new and better ideas came up according to the contemporary condition. The cities were getting beautified as well as more comfortable to live in. And garden city movement is an example of one such evolution.
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