How Culture is Associate with Day to Day Life

Culture is associated with our day to day life. Culture is all about what are ones values, education, laws, clothing, language, ethics, history etc. In our day to day life whatever we do, the choices we make, our behavior tells about our culture. The new things that we adapt according to the changing needs also comes under our culture. From how we greet each other, what we wear, what we eat, what do we the religious values everything can be identified if that is what the artist is trying to come. There is always an idea, always to message behind the making of an art and the art. Something that is copied is not art because it lacks idea and people will hardly like it and it not useful and not conveying a meaning then it does not come under the instrumentation form of aesthetics and if the is not aesthetic not beautiful then it must not be considered as an art.
            So imitation can never result in the form of an ideal art because it will lack value ideas, messages and in that case the artist fails. A good art always comes with message and ideas that the artist wants to convey.
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