How Public Figure make Aesthetic Choices?

Public figures make aesthetic choices to convey something about who they are lets take an example of the father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi. He had an idea of swaraj, non-co-operation movement and to convey this idea, to make the idea search and retain inside the hearts and minds of the people he made aesthetic choices like he started wearing Khadi clothes and by using charkha he yielded the yarn which was used to make clothes that he wore. He started living a simple life with no show off. The idea was simple, he wanted to convey and spread his idea and about who he is and his ideologies to the people of India.
            Similarly, one can make aesthetic choices to convey something of who they are, their ideologies. And as people follows the steps of public figures and famous personalities and get inspired by them, the public figures must make some aesthetic choices to spread their ideas that will reach the people more successfully and the process of change can begin.
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