What is the Main features of Indus Valley Civilisation

Indus valley civilization had evolved around the Indus river. It includes the Harappan and Mohanjodaro as the prominent cities which lies as the boundary of Afghanistan, Hindustan and Pakistan. These was the one of the oldest civilization.
            The town under their civilization was properly planned and built.
            The houses and the built up were made using bricks and cement and it was really strong as the structures can still be seen in the areas.
            They had a well developed drainage system which was about 5m in height to that it could have been easily cleaned in the case of any kind of blockage.
            Which shows that people at that time were more concerned about their health and hunger. Each and every house had toilets and bathrooms.
            There was a citadel built in the middle of the town for protection purposes.
            They had planned their houses in a design so that it may prevent floodage.
            They were very fond of jewellesies, uterils, toys etc.
            There was a place for city bath where people used to come for bath and it some entry and exit point of water.
            The area at one side was covered by the Himalayas and on the other side by the desert, so it was safe from immersion.
            The Harappan and Mohanjodaro used to trade as scals can be found.
            There was a huge well for the public water supply, there was separate area for gravy.
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Overall the area was properly planned with a good architectural and mathematical knowledge