What is Symbolic or non-verbal communication

Symbolic or non-verbal communication is the type of communication done using action, picture, signs, symbols. It is an easy way to make the people understand without the use of any dialect or language. One can communicate using eyes, hands, body language, using drawings to convey the thoughts. Also these may be a case where same sign means different, depending upon the different culture and society.
            For eg:- the red colour always shows that there is same danger, or be alert or stop.
            Different means of non-verbal communication can be used at different situations and times like at same point of time you cannot use your hands so you can empress yourself through different eyes, or may be you can use signage  to communicate.
             This may be a symbol used to convey there is some danger.
            This may be a symbol used for telling that something is good.
                        This shows no smoking.
                        Similarly one can communicate using different symbols and body languages.
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