Best career Options After Graduation

Just a graduation degree is not sufficient in this competitive world. Many students think to pursue some job oriented short-term course or go for higher studies. The reason is, if you want to build your career in the respective field, you have to be specialized in that particular field to get a better than average position.

You might be thinking that why you need to do some short-term courses when you have more options to make your career in Accounting, IT, Finance, Analytics etc. These courses take years to complete. Moreover, you have to spend a lot of money doing these courses. So, the main objective of picking the short-term courses is to boost your professional skills in a short span of time and also you do not have to spend too much money.

You can make your career learning the courses like Event Management, Ethical Hacking, Animation Designing, Graphic Designing and Spa management. But, nowadays the short-term course "Digital Marketing" is one of the flourishing career options. It has become the most innovative and dynamic field where you get a lot of chances to expand your business. Now, no product or service can survive in the absence of digital marketing.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing

There is no eligibility criteria for learning digital marketing. Whether you are a student or entrepreneurs or IT professionals, you can easily go for this course. The age also does not matter pursuing digital marketing.

Duration of Digital Marketing Course

The duration of this course varies from institute to institute. It depends on certain factors like a number of modules, fees and the strength of students. Some coaching centers offer to complete this course in 3 months and some take 6 months to complete it.

Topics of Digital Marketing

1.      Website designing
2.      Search Engine Optimization
3.      Social media marketing
4.      Email marketing
5.      Inbound marketing
6.      Blogging
7.      Affiliate marketing
8.      Web analytics
9.      Lead generation
10.  Mobile marketing

Career Options in Digital Marketing

·         Professional Blogger: If you are well enough in writing, you can start your career as a blogger. It is a full-time profession. You can earn a reliable income.

·         Freelancer: You can make your career sitting at home only. Digital marketing is a vast field with numerous modules like SEO, SMO, Funnel building, SMM, Email marketing and many more. So, you can get in touch with the websites that allow you to offer your services to customers through freelancing.

·         Affiliate Marketer: If you have a blogging website and ranking is very good, so you can earn a lot by applying AdSense and affiliate marketing techniques.

·         Entrepreneur: Dedication, hard work and financial skills are not enough to run your local business. You absolutely need to have a digital presence. If you are familiar with digital marketing, then your business will be the long run survival.

·         Youtuber: If you have good content to share with the audience or can attract a large number of audiences with your skills, you can be a You tuber. You can even make high income with Youtube monetization.


The digital marketing field is rising tremendously. It is a sub-branch of traditional marketing. If you are creative, forward-looking and willing to expose your skills, then this field is a right career option for you.