Break All Diplomatic Relations With Pakistan Right Now

How long will we keep tolerating terrorism sponsored directly from Pakistan? How long will we keep giving the benefit of doubt to Pakistan? How long will we keep overlooking Pakistan’s open support to terror leaders in not just holding rallies but also in arming their men with latest weapons which includes RDX with help of which a suicide bomber named Adil Ahmad Dar who was a local Kashmiri sponsored directly by Jaish-e-Mohammad terror organization based in Pakistan whose leader Masood Azhar along with other dreaded terrorists were released after terrorists had hijacked an Indian plane in December 1999 and who since then has been responsible for carrying out numerous terror attacks including the one on Jammu and Kashmir Assembly in which scores of people were killed as also the aborted attack on Parliament in December 2001 which led to deployment of Indian troops on the border yet we didn’t attack them and now once again Jaish has proudly acknowledged its role in carrying out terror suicide attack on Pakistan in which we lost more than 40 soldiers and few days later 2 Major died as also a Brigadier got bullet injury in leg as also a DIG?

Why is Centre not breaking all diplomatic relations with Pakistan? Why is Centre not listening to a humble person like me when I say this? Why is Centre not listening even to eminent journalists like Tavleen Singh who in her enlightening editorial titled “This is war, not terrorism” dated February 17, 2019 very rightly points out that, “So what happens now? ‘The sacrifice of our brave security personnel shall not go in vain,’ tweeted the Prime Minister and the Home Minister echoed this sentiment. But is there nothing more we can do? Since we are in a state of undeclared war with Pakistan, surely we can, at the very least, break diplomatic relations. Is there any point in having an embassy in Islamabad when Pakistan has made it so clear that it has no intention of calling off its cowardly, shameful war?” She also rightly added that, “Attacks like the one that killed 40 CRPF men last week are not acts of terrorism; they are acts of war.”

Needless to say, Tavleen Singh is a very eminent and straightforward journalist with an impeccable reputation who always right directly from her heart and we hear her not just in news channels but also read her articles in reputed newspapers like ‘The Indian Express’. She has hit the nail on the head and it is high time that not just PM but all those who have the final say in deciding the relations between India and Pakistan ponder deeply over what she has said so elegantly and excellently! She has always admired PM Narendra Modi and in her editorial dated February 10, 2019 has noted without mincing any words that, “As someone who has criticized him in this column for his mistakes, let me admit that when I compare him with those who seek to unseat him, he look good. In the name of ‘secularism’ we have in that maha-caboodle leaders whose politics are founded on caste, creed and a sickeningly obvious desire to be in politics for personal gain. They make Modi look like a real leader. Having said this, it also needs to be said that Modi’s great achievement is that he has managed to drag India, kicking and screaming into the digital age. This is no small achievement.”

We need to act very tough now on Pakistan if we want that it feels the heat! All diplomatic relations with Pakistan must be broken right now! Why should we give Pakistani diplomats opportunity to meet Hurriyat leaders and fish in troubled waters?

People all over the country are boiling in anger against Pakistan! Just revoking Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status which India unilaterally conferred on Pakistan about 23 years back in 1996 or withdrawing security for just 5 Hurriyat leaders and not for the remaining about 10 Hurriyat leaders is nothing more than a cosmetic exercise which must be replaced by a more serious exercise which includes withdrawing security from all Hurriyat leaders and announce stopping of all water from Indus river till Pakistan acts strongly against terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar among others as the former Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal very rightly pointed out in Hindustan Times editorial dated February 19, 2019! Even Col VN Thapar who is the father of late Captain Vijayant Thapar who won Paramveer Chakra in Kargil war has endorsed this same point and underscored that by doing this Pakistan can be brought to knees! Why then is Centre not doing anything on this?

Why Centre is not immediately ordering breaking of all diplomatic relations with Pakistan and closing its embassies in Pakistan and similarly asking Pakistan to close its embassies in India? Why Centre is not ordering closure of third rated Wagah border ceremony with a rogue state like Pakistan? Why is India not declaring Pakistan a terror state?

It goes without saying that the people of India now don’t want few small steps against Pakistan which has been at war with India since independence! They want hard and concrete steps which really hurts Pakistan! We have lost more soldiers in last three decades by proxy war than by the three wars we fought with them in 1948, 1965 and 1971! Still why are we not breaking all diplomatic relations with Pakistan?

It is a national tragedy that we rarely get to hear a son of politician or bureaucrat being sacrificed in fight against Pakistan ever! I have never heard so far in my life! Is this is why they don’t feel the heat and they feel that diplomatic relations must continue undisturbed? This is nothing but total disloyalty and treachery with India!

Pakistan is sending trained terrorists to attack and kill not just our soldiers but also innocents which includes woman and children but still should we have diplomatic relations with Pakistan? Pakistan ensured that more than 600 soldiers of ours were brutally killed in Kargil war still should we keep diplomatic relations with them? Pakistan has ensured that more than a lakh of our soldiers are killed in last 3 decades still should we continue to have diplomatic relations with Pakistan?

Pakistan has ensured that terrorists attack our financial capital that is Mumbai repeatedly as they did in 1993 on March 12 in which more than 300 people were killed and thousands were injured, in 2006 when a train was blown off in which many hundreds lost their lives, 26/11 in 2008 in which again more than 200 people lost their lives along with some of our brave soldiers like Captain Sandeep Unnithan and our Parliament in 2001 and many other reputed places still should we have diplomatic relations with Pakistan? Terrorists trained in Pakistan attacked Pathankot air base just after PM Modi visited Pakistan and we again lost many of our soldiers yet we invited ISI agents to inspect the spot most foolishly and they flatly refused when we asked them about NIA’s visit to Pakistan!

How long will politicians continue to fool the common man? How long will the life of common man be endangered by continuing to open more and more corridor like Kartarpur corridor in which we saw how Pakistani Army Chief Bajwa was smiling cunningly with a Khalistani terrorist and how hoardings of Bhindrawale the dreaded Khalistani terror leaders of the 1980s were pasted all over including in the Gurudwaras where Sikh pilgrims will go to visit Guru Nanak’s birth site? How can religious sentiments be placed above national security? But this is what this PM Narendra Damodardas Modi has done even though Punjab’s CM Captain Amarinder Singh had voiced his strong objections and this made Navjot Singh Sidhu most happy and he went and hug proudly Gen Bajwa which left whole nation fuming but he cared a damn just like former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee cared a damn when he invited the Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf to India just about 2 to 3 months after Kargil war in which we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures even though unofficial figure was quite high!

What did he get in return? Plane hijacking in December 1999 and gifting of Rs 1 lakh by Gen Musharraf to dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist Iliyas Kashmiri for presenting him a severed head of an Indian soldier as trophy which he promised to always keep with him in 2000 as reported in all newspapers at that time! Not stopping here we then received attack on Parliament in 2001 which brought both countries on verge of war but again we relented and allowed to Pakistan to get away. Then Akshardham temple was attacked in which children and women were shot dead after asking them to sing national anthem as also attack on Jammu and Kashmir State Assembly in which more than 40 died but still Vajpayee always trusted Pakistan! 

Vajpayee lost because of Pakistan! Vajpayee is one of the greatest politician India has produced who gave India its finest President Abdul Kalam and conducted nuclear explosion Pokhran Part II but Ramzan ka ceasefire with terrorists, embracing of Pakistani invader Gen Musharraf after Kargil war, inviting dreaded terror organizations like Hizbul for talks and caring a damn for national sentiments but what did he get in return? People slapped him out of power because mollycoddling in front of a rogue nation like Pakistan where military calls the shot can never be approved by the people of India! Yes, a few politicians like Farooq Abdullah among others hailed him as “Shanti ka Messiah” whenever he bended in front of Pakistan but ultimately people boxed him out of power which no one can deny!

Now what does Narendra Damodardas Modi want? To meet the fate of his mentor Vajpayee? It is Modi who has to take the final call! No self-respecting nation will tolerate any other nation who regularly sends terrorists and even its own soldiers specially trained like Border Action Team (BAT) to brutally attack our soldiers, behead them and take their head to Pakistan so that it can be used as football to be played with or to be given to Pakistani invader like Gen Musharraf who kept it like a trophy and himself acknowledged that he had entered 15 to 16 km inside Indian territory during Kargil war to boost terrorists and his soldiers to brutally massacre our soldiers as was done with Captain Saurav Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment who were brutally tortured for 22 days, their eyes were gouged out by piercing iron hot rod in it and other body parts maimed and then handed over their mutilated body back to India and yet India continued not just diplomatic relations with Pakistan but extended red carpet welcome to Musharraf like aroyal emperor! If people approved of it as some secular leaders like Farooq Abdullah claims then why did he lose elections?

Stop fooling the nation and break not just all diplomatic relations with Pakistan but also all other kind of relations like bus service, train service, air service, trade and business not just imposing 200% custom duty on import of Pakistani items and make sure that all those who come from Pakistan go back and not disappear to unleash more attacks and no Pakistani is allowed to visit India under any circumstances without renouncing Pakistani citizenship as we saw in case of noted Pakistani singer Adnan Sami who is now an Indian and has permanently left Pakistan! Withdraw security not from just few but all Hurriyat leaders and order soldiers to fire on stone pelters whenever they interrupt any operation and not just indulge in request to withdraw! Only then in real sense will it mean that soldiers have been given free hand! Otherwise people will take it as just election jumla and for this PM cannot hold anyone else responsible!

Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,

s/o Col BPS Sirohi,

A 82, Defence Enclave,

Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,

Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.