Planning for an Abroad Trip? Learn how to Plan Your Traveling Budget

It is safe to say that everyone wanted to travel some point in their lives, maybe to loosen up, to blow off some steam, to challenge themselves, or just for the fun and thrilling adventures. We all wanted to travel the world when we were children, and the teachers would tell us all about what lies beyond the classroom and our homes. However, the one thing that always limits us of such adventure is money, to travel one needs money and traveling can drain our wallets dry.

Trip planning can be a hassle. Where do you start? Where do you travel? What’s next? It’s especially easy to quit as you get overwhelmed by all the tasks and preparations that need to be done, especially when one hasn’t done anything like travel.

To help you plan a great trip and avoid unnecessary costs. Here is a step by step guide on how to plan the trip:

1.    Have a Money check- First, before planning the journey, take a full grasp of how much you can spend. Some trips can be expensive depending on the country you plan to travel, but first, research the costs of the trip. To do this best, use a travel guide on the place you will be traveling.
2.    Decide the Place- Second, after researching the costs for the trip and the average money you can spend, decide on the place for the trip. Deciding on the place will give you a clear goal of your travel and will help in planning a lot. So decide the place and you will set your mind mentally to the place.
3.    Plan the length of stay-To give a more understanding of money check, one cannot know the cost of travel if they do not have a clear and definite duration of stay. Planning the length of stay early on will help you book hotels and flight tickets much easier for the flight back. And if you are traveling on a budget, shorter stays are a must i.e. 4-6 days.
4.    Stay committed and Focus on the end goals- Planning a trip can be a daunting task, especially when our closed ones are not as enthusiastic as you. It needs an immense deal of self-discipline and concentration to go through with it, no matter how many years it may take, always feed the desire to travel. Tomorrow might be too late and the present is the best way to start. There are many success stories to keep you inspired such as how a 50-year-old couple sold it all to travel the world written by Nomadic Matt. Reading such success stories are sure to keep you inspired.
5.    Start Saving- Save money as much as you can, depending on your goal it can take even up to 3 years. Cut as much useless expense as possible, cut down those Netflix subscriptions, those 2 coffee per day habit has got to go, for instance, spending 1 coffee costs 20 INR by the end of 5 months with 2 coffees daily will amount to 6000INR, a huge amount that can go to your travel savings.
6.    Book Flight- You have followed through the first 5 steps and it is time to book your flight ticket. To get the cheapest fare, it is advised to book tickets 2-3 months before the time of the trip. Not only is the fare cheap when booked earlier, but it also gives time for even more preparation. When you know the time of your departure, you will be thrilled and filled with excitement.
7.    Choose Accommodation Wisely- Choosing Accommodation wisely will help reduce travel expenses. Booking hotels downtown will be expensive so it is better to book a moderate hotel which is close to the main roads. Also, book hotels 1 month earlier and confirm for hassle-free accommodation.
8.    Enjoy- You have finally reached your destination and yes it was hard work but your hard work has paid off. Enjoy your fruits of labor.
This step by step guide will help you get a clear understanding of your trip. Most of all enjoy.
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