Build Memories

Times just keeps slipping away. So why don’t we make every moment count. Why don’t we use every second to build up a memory. So that if we find some time to think back we will find a Pandora’s Box full of precious memories. You might wonder that we will feel sad that we won’t be able to live this moment now. But if we keep using this theory of building up memories we will hardly have time to think back. Now you will start wondering something else. That’s why build up so many memories when we aren’t going to use it any time. Yeah I know that we won’t be using it but it will be used by everyone else who knew us and will keep admiring us. These admirations will build up another store of good wishes. Then these good wishes will build up a store of opportunities. Then these opportunities will again build up a store of success. This success is nothing but the best memories. So after all we are on the same path of building memories but some better ones or the best ones. These are amazing treasures. I know memories make you cry but they even make you laugh, make you enjoy yourself. There are some who fear memories, but these are just a film we released a long time ago. 
A film which many enjoyed, including you yourself. What more do you want? Happiness is all we need. Happiness is what we remember. We remember our memories. This means that our memories are Happiness. So you see that everything, every feeling is interrelated with one another. One takes you to another. Now you keep wondering. Do you need a memory or not. They are awesome. They take you to a totally different space. If you like my idea of building up memories, then don’t waste your time and rush to build up some memories you yourself! Time is slipping by. You just lost 5 precious seconds!!!!!!! But if you are fine without memories put an end to your reading. Just walk back to your daily life. I love memories so am rushing to make some. You don’t need to be an architect or builder or engineer to build some. All you need is time, a heart and a will. Happy memoring !!!