How Long Will We Maintain Relations With Pakistan?

It is most shocking and most disgusting that even after repeated killing of our soldiers Centre has not nuked all relations with Pakistan! It is most shocking that Centre is still not stopping the third rated Wagah border ceremony with a rogue nation like Pakistan! It is most shocking that after more than 40 soldiers were killed in Pulwama we have again lost a Major Chitresh Bisht who died while trying to defuse an IED near LoC but Centre does not want to nuke all relations with Pakistan!  

                                   It is most shocking that again one Major Vibhuti Kumar Dhoundiyal more has been killed along with three soldiers while fighting terrorists in Pulwama but third rated Wagah border ceremony and bus and train service with Pakistan is still continuing! It is most shocking that a Brigadier has received bullet injury in his leg and still Centre has done nothing else than withdraw unilaterally conferred Most Favoured nation to Pakistan which they had never conferred on us and trying to project it as a very great step! It is most shocking that security provided to just 5 Hurriyat leaders has been withdrawn and not from all Hurriyat leaders! It is most shocking that they are not thrown behind bars for ranting against India!
                                     It is most shocking that we still continue diplomatic relations with Pakistan! It is most shocking that embassies of Pakistan in India and India in Pakistan are not being closed! It is most shocking that all Pakistanis are not being asked to evict India! It is most shocking that all supporters of Pakistan are not being thrown out of India!
                                 It is most shocking that crores of rupees were being spent most happily on security of Hurriyat leaders who openly chant Pakistan and mock at India! Why was this allowed to happen at the first place! Who was the shameless PM who started providing security to these bunch of anti-India elements and why no PM till now dared to stop it immediately?
                                      Why PM Narendra Modi did not listen to Captain Amarender Singh who is Chief Minister of Punjab and who had warned that opening of Kartarpur corridor would open the fertile ground for entry of Khalistani terrorists to India? Why Centre didn’t bother even when top Khalistani terrorist was also present along with Pakistan Army Chief Bajwa at the time of Kartarpur border ceremony? Why Centre didn’t bother even when posters of dreaded terror leader Bhindrawale was posted all over the Gurudwara where Sikh pilgrims go to pay obeisance to Guru Nanak as also along the entire way?
                         Why are we so carless about our internal security? Why can’t we pray in our own land? Why give opportunity to ISI and Khalistani terror leaders to radicalize the common youth?
                           Why no step taken to end it? As long as Pakistan does not stop sponsoring cross border terrorism, there should be no opening of Kartarpur corridor but Centre feels what the great Navjot Singh Sidhu who enjoys hugging Pakistani Army Chief advocates is historic and this is the true way to win Sikhs! To hell with national security!
                            We all know how late former PM Mrs Indira Gandhi too had to pay with her life due to the complacency she displayed in allowing radical Sikhs to take over Gurudwaras in Punjab! Yet the only lesson we learn from history is that we refuse to learn any lesson! So we must be prepared to face the disastrous consequences as Indira Gandhi had to suffer!
                                   How long will Centre feel that bus service with Pakistan must continue? How long will Centre feel that train service with Pakistan must continue? How long will Centre feel that diplomatic relations with Pakistan must continue?
                                    How long will Centre feel that cultural exchanges with Pakistan must continue? How long will Centre feel that Article 370 and Article 35A which is the biggest barrier in the merger of Jammu and Kashmir to India should continue? How long will centre feel that sports should not be mixed with relations and must continue uninterrupted?
                                  How long will Centre not listen to its own BJP MLA who is protesting that Wagah border be close permanently and all useless ceremonies be discontinued forthwith? How long will Centre not start advising politicians to start sending their own children to army and other defence services so that when they die fighting then they can experience for themselves first hand what it means to sacrifice your life for the nation and what it means to just indulge in lip service and sabre rattling? How long will Centre say that they have given a free hand to soldiers and yet we see stone pelters openly throwing stones at soldiers without any fear? What type of free hand is this? Can anyone please tell me?
                                     How long will Centre declare Ramzan ka ceasefire with terrorists and allow terrorists and Pakistani Army to freely kill our soldiers in the sacred month of Ramzan? How long will Centre rejoice by just one surgical strike and think we have won? How long will those chanting anti-India slogans be treated as Indians and not deprived of Indian citizenship?
                                    How long will stone pelters not be treated like Pakistani soldiers? How long will we be happy by just announcing 200% duties on import from Pakistan and not stop all trade with Pakistan? How long will we continue to pamper Pakistan and not severe all relations with Pakistan? How long will we not listen to Maulana Mehmood Madani and Rajeev Chandrashekhar who want Pakistan to be declared a terror state? How long will we not treat proxy war as a war and severe all relations with Pakistan?  
                                    Just one or two surgical strike is not the solution! The real solution lies in not just striking Pakistan where it hurts them the most but also in nuking all relations with Pakistan and stopping the entry of all infiltrators from different routes like Kartarpur corridor to India and expelling all Pakistanis from India and withdrawing all train, air and bus services permanently! Boycott all Pakistanis and all news channels must stop airing them in India as also pro-Pakistani lobby!
                                  But our politicians are just not prepared for it! If this is not playing in Pakistan’s hands then what else it is? How can Centre spend crores of rupees on security of Hurriyat leaders but not spare money for many families of slain soldiers who run from pillar to post to get their basic pension?
                               Just withdrawing MFN status or imposing 200% duty or withdrawing security of 5 Hurriyat leaders is nothing but an eye wash! More severe and drastic measures are required now and this has to be done most swiftly and sternly so that Pakistan does not take us for granted! Hurriyat leaders say they never demanded security then why the hell Centre bended over backwards for them?
                                   Pakistan says that we never asked for MFN status then why the hell India granted them unilaterally in 1996 which continued despite so many terror attacks and Kargil war till recently? Have our politicians gone crazy? Why always they are so soft on Pakistan when they always spare no opportunity in giving us thousands cut and openly patronize dreaded terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed, Syed Salaluddin among many others?    
                      It is high time and now just one or two attacks on terrorists or Pakistan won’t suffice. Nuke all relations with Pakistan! Why should Wagah border ceremony when we are daily losing soldiers since decades?
                              Why should Karatarpur corridor open just because one Navjot Singh Sidhu beats his breast and embraces Pakistani Army Chief? Why Centre did not care for security? Why give opportunity to Pakistan to radicalize our youth and misguide them?
                                 Religion cannot be above nation and Sikhs must understand this and same is the case with Hindus or Muslims! How long will we maintain relations with Pakistan? At whose cost? At the cost of the lives of our soldiers who will keep getting killed repeatedly and politicians no matter what they say won’t do anything substantial on the ground because their own children don’t get killed as they never send their children to army and most of them follow their parents and prefer to play politics which is much safe and lucrative! This has to change completely if India is to survive as a nation otherwise even God will not be able to save us!   
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.