There are many ways and channels through which you can get your book or artwork published and earn the due royalty that you deserve. We will discuss here how to get book published at a shoe string budget and still reach out to the widest possible readers. Let's make it simple by writing each steps in a point-wise manner.

  •  Write your book or create your artwork. If you have already written then you need to proof read and make it lovable by formatting in the suitable and print-friendly manner. You can use the free resources of the Create Space for this purpose.
  • The next step is to find a good publisher. There are a number of publisher who would be willing to publish your book or artwork but some of them might demand such a huge money that you will think that book publishing is a costly affair and you might drop the idea of getting published. Here we will suggest you to opt for Edupedia Publications.
  • Next step comes for choosing among the various available options and channels of book promotions and distribution. We recommend you to consider this step very wisely as this can make or mar the success of your book and most probably your profitability from the book publication. We have found that Amazon provide free of cost a wide range of distribution channels which very few companies can afford. So don't wait for cheaper option to come just avail this opportunity from here.
  • Now that your book is published and is now available on various distribution channels you can either wait for the royalty to pour in or you can apply your efforts through the various social networking sites to spread the message of the the publication of your book or artwork. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are very good social networking channels use them to multiply your earning.

By Shashikant Nishant Sharma