Self Publishing Service of EduPedia Publications

The myth of publishing industry is now disappearing due to the advent of the self publishing features launched by some well known companies like Amazon and EduPedia Publications . Now the author has full control over the entire gamut of the work related to writing, editing, copy-writing, proof-reading, cover design etc. Now the easy to use tools and kits provided by these  companies are becoming boon for the young and flourishing poets and writers who want their book to get published in a shoe string budget.

How to Publicize Books

The easily available publicity and promotion tools and widgets like bookify, twiter, facebook, edupedia publications etc are very handy and easy to use. The author has freedom of getting promotion without paying a penny through these channels. The network of friends and family has made it possible to assist in the book promotion easy online. The conventional mode of book promotion are still in vogue but it is now giving way to online publishing and promotion channels which have wide access to the readers who prefer to read online or on their tablets, kindle and android phones. Keeping in view the changing need and taste of readers the online publishing and promotion channels pay a key role meeting  those new emerging demands of the readers.

Print on Demand Publication Offer

The print on demand service make it possible to test the quality of the printed book and print it for niche readers and then revise it to meet the global standard. The online feedback mechanism also help a lot in revising and updating the book content in limited time which was a rare thing in past due to the volume of publication and backlogs of the publishing who has little time to attend the need and demand of a particular author.

The time is now for the new poets and writers to publish their book without any upfront cost and enjoy the most awaited name and fame that you deserve most. Here is the link to get your book published on Amazon and Kindle through Create Space. Sign up now and avail  this free of charge opportunity.

by Shashikant Nishant Sharma

(Publishing Guide and Author)