Book Publication Offer
  • New Authors and Writers are invited for their works and ideas.
  • Authors and Writers are also invited for re-publication/reprint of their already published works.

  • Publishers from India and Abroad are also invited for Copyright for re-print of reputed published works.

Get published in 5-6 weeks with Edupedia Publications; India's most popular & promising publishing company. Edupedia Publications is more beneficial than any other traditional publication. Because our marketing strategies are tremendously strong. We provide our readers with door to door service. Edupedia Publications provide personal service. Before Edupedia Publications offer to publish your work, we review your manuscript and listen to you to understand your publication goals. Then, Edupedia Publications provide a customized publishing solution.

Edupedia Publications believe that writing and publishing a book is an extraordinarily personal experience. We know that each author has unique and important needs during the production, promotion and sale of their book. Therefore, there is always a person here to talk to you before you agree to publish with us, during the production of your book and during the promotion and sale of your book.

Edupedia Publications are currently accepting submissions in all genres including Educational, fiction, Comedy, Autobiography, Religious, Self-help, True Story, Romance non-fiction, poetry, motivational and juvenile etc.

We also accepting academic submission in the field of science and engineering like ECE, ME, CSE, IT etc.

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