Tamil Women in Sri Lankan Army

It is really a matter of great value that Tamil Army is recruiting Tamil women from the areas most affected by the terror and devastation. This will surely set a new trend in the area and people will join regular army and ensure peace and stability in the area. 
The need of the hour is to normalise the situation in war-torn areas of Sri- Lanka. Both communities should come on single platform and ensure amicable resolution of the crisis without much international influences. The recent resolution in United Nations (UN) for the peaceful settlement of Tamil issues in Sri Lanka should be taken into account seriously and the regime of Sri Lanka must constitute inquiry committees to find out the war crimes and punish the guilty who have tried to tarnish the image of army in countering the terrorists or so called revolutionaries. 
War and crimes give nothing more than destruction and devastation. Justice can be attained only through the political and social engagement at various levels. The leaders of Tamil fraternity should come forward and assist in the reconstruction of the areas ravaged during war. Both parties should come together on a platform under the provisions of the Sri Lankan Constitution and as suggested in the resolution of UN.
Indian government is always supportive of the peaceful and time bound resolution of the Tamil issue. The voting in favour of the resolution by India is a strong message that Sri Lanka should resolve the issue as soon as possible and keep the international relation normal. We are good neighbours and we have proved it time and again. 
The war crimes done by the Sri Lankan army is of grave nature and there must be timely investigation to punished the wrong doers under the banner of United Nations Human Rights Commission to make Tamil in Sri Lanka feel safe.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma