Indian and Italian Relations

The decision of Italian Government decision to send back the erring mariners for trail in India is a welcome step to escalate the mounting strain in the bilateral relation of two countries. We are very good trading partners and our international trade amounts to about 10 billion annually. Thousands of Indian are working there and many Italian firms in India is doing good. 
Italy had been our good trading partner ever since the India attained freedom from the colonial power. It is sad that in recent days, there was escalating tension between the two nations. The diplomatic ties must be strengthened to solve mutual problems.
Indian legal system should speed up the trial and award appropriate sentence and demand compensation to help the families of the victims. Let their faith in Indian judicial system intact. Even after a year the case is lying in lurch. Justice delayed is justice denied. This must be kept in mind and speed up the trail so that the convicts can serve the stipulated jail terms in India and remaining in their own country as per the international standard norms.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma