The Issue of Tamil Agitation in Sri Lanka

The issue of grievance redressal and the issue of equal and justified opportunities for self governance within the realm of Sri Lankan system of democracy has surfaced more emphatically on the international fora and India must act in a dignified manner. India has special stake in Sri Lanka and on the same time India has to act in a more matured manner than what it did last year as the result of not voting in the resolution. The message which India wished to convey got diluted and the Sri Lankan government did not acted in a responsible manner. The undue pressure from the political bracket of Tamil Nadu will distort the view and stand of India in dealing with her neighbour. 
We must keep in mind that no matter whatever be the thinking and mandate of Tamil Nadu, India must present her stand as a nation and good neighbour not as a supporter of sectarian bifurcation of Sri Lanka. Nation must strive to provide all its citizen socially and politically just environment for growth.
When there will be international consensus and resolution will get passed in United Nations then it will surely have a impact on the top politicians of the Sri Lankan government.
Indian has always aspired to withhold the unity and integrity of her dominion and will surely assist neighbouring countries in doing so.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma