Paid News and Election Commission

The issue of paid news has come to forefront in subsequent state and central election. The constitutional power endowed to Election Commission is limited and the court case involving Ashok Chavan has exposed the loopholes in the stringent implementation of the model code of conduct during the election process.
The election commission should be empowered with more regulatory powers so that persons with criminal background and history of using unfair means during election can be better dealt with. Unless and until a candidate fears of cancellation of his candidature, he won't refrain from using his muscle and money power in election to get a upper hand.
Indian democracy stands on the strong base of free and fair election which must be protected and preserved rather than diluting their stand in the Supreme Court through reminder of its power and limitation by the central government. Strong legislation without any loopholes can create a strong buffer between the regulating agencies like Election Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General, Vigilance Commission etc.should be made more autonomous and independent so that they can fulfill their jobs in an impartial manner.
The debarring of erring candidates for next few terms will ensure better result and this will prove to be good lesson for others too.
Many political parties prefer to give their party ticket to their previous candidates or say winning candidates or new emerging leader with strong economic and criminal backgrounds. The weak system perpetuates bad system.
The election commission should deal with the erring candidates with iron hand and teach electorate that virtues prevails over the vice, development and good agenda will decide the fate of political parties and not the leaders with criminal history and unrevealed sources of money and finance for election.
Shashikant NIshant Sharma