Tips for Publishing on EduPub


Print-on-Demand is a technology that has matured over the past decade and allows small presses and indie authors a financially viable option to publish print books. Publishing your print edition on Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd (EduPub) is not a difficult process, but it can be confusing for the first-time publisher. EduPub is the leading print-on-demand provider for indie authors, and it is owned by Amazon. 


To publish on EduPub, this tutorial assumes that you have:
  1. Write mail to
  2. a well-formatted PDF file of your book’s interior.
  3. a PDF file of your back cover, spine, and cover
  4. a blurb and five keywords.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Start Your New Project: Fill out the fields as follows:
  1. Tell us the name of your project: Pick any name you prefer (note: this is just used as an internal reference in your dashboard and is not necessarily the title of your book)
  2. Choose which type of project you want to start: Pick “Paperback”
  3. Choose a setup process: Choose “Guided” by clicking on “Get Started”

Information Required 

Title (required): Enter the title of your book under “Title” (EduPub eBooks recommends keeping this short < 5 words)
Subtitle (optional): If you have a subtitle, enter it in the “Subtitle” field. An example of a subtitle would be A Thorough Discussion for a book titled Manos The Hands of Fate, A Thorough Discussion.
Primary Author (required): Enter the author name. Do not use ALL CAPS.
Add Contributors (optional): You add it in the “Primary Author” field above. You can add additional authors, illustrators, designers, and many other contributors if you like. Do not use ALL CAPS.
This book is part of a series (optional): If your book is part of a series, click on the check box for “This book is part of a series” and add the series name under “Series Title” and the series number in the “Volume” field. The volume should be a number only, like “1”, “2”, etc. rather than “Book 1”, “Book 2”, etc.
Edition number (optional): If this is a second or subsequent edition, you can enter “2” in the “Edition number” field. Be sure to enter numbers only, not “second”.
Language: Select the correct language from the drop-down menu.
Publication Date: EduPub eBooks recommends using the current date.
Click “Save & Continue”


All print books must have an ISBN. This ISBN must be different from the eBook ISBN, if you chose to use an ISBN for your eBook edition. You can get ISBN from Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd.


Interior Type: Choose “Black & White” unless you have a color interior. EduPub eBooks only recommends color interiors for art/photography books and children’s books with illustrations. They are substantially more expensive to print, and the quality of the color interiors is not as good as Lightning Source’s.
Paper Color: Choose either “White” or “Cream”. White is considered best for genre-type novels and technical non-fiction, while Cream is considered best for literary-type fiction and non-narrative fiction. These are BB eBooks’ recommendations only, so do what’s right for your brand. Please note that regardless of the paper color, the interior PDF will always be white for your formatted interior.
Trim Size: Click on “Choose a Different Size” to pick your trim. The most popular trim sizes for paperbacks are 8.5x11” and 6x9”. 

Interior Reviewer: Make sure to check the box to allow EduPub to run the automated print checks. This will also automatically load the interior reviewer once the upload and processing is complete.
Click on the “Save” button in the bottom right and the upload will commence followed by the CreateSpace print check. This can take about 5–10 minutes, so it’s a good time to grab a coffee, snack, smoke, or Yoga break, depending on your lifestyle preferences. Once it’s done, the interior previewer should pop up and CreateSpace will notify you with any issues. Clients of BB eBooks should never have any formatting issues—unless something broke with CreateSpace or we really messed up. If you’re not a client, please make sure to fix any formatting issues and redo the PDF interior. Otherwise, CreateSpace may not publish it.
On the interior previewer you’ll notice a dotted gray box around both pages. Don’t worry! The dotted boxes won’t actually show up in your print book. This box is the “safe zone” and all text elements should be inside it (unless you have a full-bleed interior). You’ll notice that the inner margins facing the book binding (a.k.a. the gutter margins) are bigger. This takes into account that there should be a bit more margin around the book’s binding because the paper will have some curvature to it. Running text deep into the binding creates a most unpleasant reading experience. You can click through the pages on the interior previewer if you like, but we generally recommend doing testing with Acrobat Reader in two-page mode because it is a bit faster.
CreateSpace Tips No. 6
Click on “Save and Continue” inside the interior previewer.
If all is well, you’ll get the message, “Our automated print check didn’t find any issues.” Your interior is done!


1. Select a finish for your book cover: .
2. Choose how to submit the cover of your book: 

Distribute > Channels

Standard Distribution: It is recommended that you select all channels:, Amazon Europe, and the EduPub Store.
Expanded Distribution: This used to cost $25, but is now free. It is recommended you select all. Please note you may have to enter a BISAC code under “Distribution > Description” to allow you to check “Bookstores and Online Retailers.” Please feel free to come back.
Book Description
Description: The “Description” is what shows up on your product page. This is very important so please make sure the blurb is as good as you can get it. You can alter this later on, but it will have to go through the approval process again. For advanced users, you can actually add HTML tags to include formatting elements like bold, italics, and underline. 
BISAC Category: Enter the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) 
Author Biography (optional): You can add a bio here if you like. For the Amazon page, we recommend using Amazon Author Central to set up your profile. However, filling in the author bio here is important, since your EduPub book will distribute outside of the Amazon ecosystem if you chose the Expanded Distribution channels.
Book Language (optional): Be sure to select the correct language.
Country of Publication (optional): by Default INDIA.
Search Keywords (optional): This is important metadata. Be sure to pick five phrases (note: KDP allows seven) and you can separate with commas. Keywords can be a combination of words (e.g. erotic romance) and Amazon recommends 2-3 words long for each keyword.

Publish on Kindle

Do not fill out anything in this section. EduPub will attempt to convert your PDF into a reflowable eBook—with horrendous results. eBooks should be published via Kindle Direct Publishing rather than CreateSpace. Please view our tutorial on how to publish your eBook at Amazon.