Why Security For Hurriyat Leaders At Taxpayers Cost?

Time and again, our brave soldiers are being repeatedly slaughtered by terrorists who are trained and armed to the teeth with deadly weapons by Pakistani Army and Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) as we saw most recently in Pulwama where more than 40 soldiers were killed in the most dastardly manner by a suicide bomber belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammad armed and trained in Pakistan when they were going in army vehicles from Jammu to Kashmir! The whole nation stands shocked and aghast! It is the Hurriyat leaders who always justify terrorism and stand by Pakistan as we all know!

                        But what is most disgraceful is that Centre led by I don’t know whom decided to proudly spend crores and crores on the security of Hurriyat leaders even as many families of slain soldiers don’t even get their due money  in many cases a long time back. Every successive Prime Minister proudly decides to continue with it without saying a word! This open mockery of the supreme sacrifice of our brave soldiers has been continuing unabated which is most disgraceful! Is it under the relentless pressure of some foreign power? I just don’t know!

                              It is well known that Hurriyat leaders openly chant anti-India slogans, proudly clap when Indian flags are burnt and what not yet since last many years all the successive Prime Ministers proudly by their act decide to continue shamelessly with giving security to Hurriyat leaders at taxpayers cost! What could the nation do? Watch helplessly like a silent and helpless spectator as Centre overrules all queries on this as for them Hurriyat leaders stood very close to their heart!

                                  Many leaders tried to justify it as this would project India’s image as liberal! This is nothing but stupidity of the highest order! Not just this, it is disloyalty and disservice to the supreme sacrifice rendered by our brave soldiers!

                              What is worse is that even judiciary never intervened on this and watched everything like a helpless spectator like the common man! How can those ranting openly against India and attending rallies organized by dreaded terror leaders like Hafiz Saeed who is chief of Lashkar-e-Taiba as we have seen many times in case of Hurriyat leaders like Shabir Shah and Yasin Malik enjoy security at state’s expense which is taxpayers money and yet Centre not saying a word on it and what is worse is that even Opposition leaders not saying a word on it? Which sovereign and truly independent country behave like this? 

                                     Why all the National Security Adviser along with other big officers from the time security cover was provided to Hurriyat leaders many years ago till now  never object to security being granted to Hurriyat leaders at State’s expense? What message did Centre send by this? That those who rant against India and hate India deserve to be honoured and given Z plus security at the cost of taxpayers money!

                                       I have myself since last many years been pointing out repeatedly that not a single paise should be spent on Hurriyat leaders who directly speak the language of Pakistan and leave no opportunity to attack India from every platform they get and leave no stone unturned to embarrass India not just within India but also at all international forums! But Centre never cared not just for ordinary mortals like me but even for the veteran security forces officials and parents of slain soldiers as for them Hurriyat leaders are very special VVIPs who deserve to be always provided security  and many crores spent for the purpose as this enhances India’s image!

                            To hell with such image! How can this happen? But it has happened and is still happening just like till recently we saw how from 1996 till 2019 India shamelessly and unilaterally conferred Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan which was revoked just recently after relentless public anger exploded against Pakistan! Why do our Indian leaders hold Pakistan and Hurriyat leaders in highest esteem?

                                 Why even Kargil war, attack on Mumbai, attack on Parliament etc fail to shake our leaders? Thank God that at least now MFN status has been revoked! But is this alone enough? Certainly not!  

                                   We all saw how recently Col. VN Thapar who is the father of Paramvir Chakra awardee late Captain Vijayant Thapar just recently strongly advocated that India should not allow water from Indus to go to Pakistan and if this is done, Pakistan will bend on knees and will be forced to take India seriously! But shamelessly we saw how Centre preponed the meeting on Indus Water Treaty and accorded again all benefits to it by affirming it once again! When will Centre wake up?

                                 Which is the foreign power or internal power that has always ensured that Hurriyat leaders who celebrate the killing of our brave soldiers and enjoy burning our national flags and insulting India from every platform they get enjoy security at taxpayers money? Why all parties whether it is BJP or Congress ruling at the Centre succumbed to that foreign power or internal power who favoured that crores of rupees should be spent on Hurriyat leaders even though many families of slain soldiers don’t get even their basic dues? Truth must come out!

                          How long will this open sham and open insult of our brave soldiers and sentiments of nationalists be mocked at so brazenly by Centre? Why should India keep any relation of any kind with a rogue country like Pakistan which has been mercilessly masterminding the killing of not just our people but also our brave soldiers? Why should Pakistanis be allowed to come to India? Why should India continue diplomatic relations with a rogue state like Pakistan?

                                   Why should Centre not declare Pakistan as “Aatankistan” as was demanded firstly by Maulana Mehmood Madani who is leader of Jamiat-e-Ulema and nuke all relations with them? Which is the power – internal or external we don’t know which is hampering this from happening? Should we be proud of this?

                        It will not be an exaggeration to say that RSS enjoys no clout in Centre and this stands vindicated from this that even after Kargil war we saw how MFN status continued unabated and not just this we saw how the mastermind of Kargil war and Pakistani invader Gen Pervez Musharraf was given a grand red carpet welcome to India even though we lost more than 600 soldiers as per official figures and that too within two to three months after Kargil war! It is this Gen Musharraf who paid Rs 1 lakh to dreaded Al Qaeda terror leader Iliyas Kashmiri for presenting him a severed head of Indian soldier as trophy in 2000 yet Indian politicians and media glorified him! It is this same Gen Musharraf who acknowledged that he had entered India 15 to 16 km inside Indian territory to boost the morale of terrorists and Pakistani soldiers to slaughter Indian soldiers and capture Kargil from Indian control and had even threatened to nuke India yet our leaders accorded him a grand reception! What could RSS do? Just nothing!

                                     This is the biggest proof that RSS never interferes in Centre’s functioning and it is centre which itself calls all the shot! We saw how stupidly we invited Pakistan’s notorious ISI officials to inspect Pathankot airforce base where terrorists had carried out attack in which we lost many soldiers and Pakistan rewarded by refusing permission to NIA to visit Pakistan to cross examine terror leaders! Why after repeated backstabbing do our leaders trust Pakistan blindly?

                                         It is because politicians never send their own children to army or any other defence services and so their own children never die and so they don’t feel the real pain which alone explains why unilateral MFN status to Pakistan continued since 1996 till 2019 and why Hurriyat leaders who are open Pakistani agents are provided security at taxpayers cost! But now the national mood against Pakistan and terrorists is very high and even PM Narendra Modi acknowledged this himself! Hope security for Hurriyat leaders is withdrawn soon!

                                    Hope all Pakistani citizens are ordered to leave India! Hope all train and bus service from India to Pakistan and from Pakistan to India are discontinued forthwith! Hope Indus Water Treaty is scrapped as Col VN Thapar, Maj Gen GD Bakshi and many others from defence fraternity have been repeatedly advocating since last many years!

                                   Hope brave soldiers like Lt Col Shrikant Prasad Purohit are restored their due honour and not harassed and victimized for being die hard nationalists and exposing the dark underbelly of dangerous link of politicians with Pakistan and underworld dreaded dons like Dawood Ibrahim! Hope all diplomatic relations with Pakistan are ended! Hope the useless Wagah border retreat ceremony which we share every year with Pakistan is discontinued forthwith!

                               Hope those who burn Indian flags and wave Pakistani flags are not treated like Indians and their citizenship should be taken away as no person can be an Indian and Pakistani at the same time! Hope they are immediately deported to Pakistan! Pakistan is the right place for them and not Indian jail! Hope illegal migrants from other countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan etc are all identified and deported as they are a big security threat!

                                     Hope soldiers are given full liberty to fire at those who pelt stones at them which tantamount to acting like Pakistani soldier! No justification should be permitted for them to take refuge and no cases should be withdrawn against them unlike what we saw when more than 10,000 soldiers were given full impunity and allowed to get away most easily even after killing our soldiers and most brutally wounding them without any provocation! Just lip service now won’t do!

                                 Centre has to act now! It has no option and this entire nation will support it as the Opposition also just recently pledged! National security comes first, always and every time and all politicians must demonstrate this by their acts and not just by doing lip service if they want to retain their credibility among the common man!    

                                 In conclusion, just taking few cosmetic steps like withdrawal of MFN status which does not affect Pakistan much is not going to shake Pakistan! It must be accompanied by all such hard measures as I have mentioned above in addition to what the eminent and experienced defence veterans suggest repeatedly! If this is not done immediately then that day is not far when people will themselves demand that army should be given control of country and democracy should be given a goodbye! This will not be a happy situation and it should never arise but for preventing this Centre must act by withdrawing all security for Hurriyat leaders and not just this also take them to task for their anti-national acts! No excuses!

Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,

s/o Col BPS Sirohi,

A 82, Defence Enclave,

Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,

Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.