Publishing can be a challenging business, but it can also spark great opportunities for success. The key is to make sure you publish content that speaks to your intended audience. Need a little inspiration? Here are three current self-publishing trends.
Short and Sweet
Instead of wanting to “get their money’s worth” by purchasing books with many pages, today’s busy readers prefer to purchase shorter books that hold their attention until the last page. Aim for around 50,000 words and you’ll appeal to people who have limited time to read.
People love to laugh, especially about subjects that tend to be dry or confrontational. Political and social satire are both popular, but keep in mind that politic and social topics tend to come and go quickly. The key to finding success in this niche is to create and publish content rapidly, before the topics you cover in your book become outdated.
Social Campaigns
Pay attention to current social campaigns and you can get some great ideas for books. Many authors follow popular hashtags to zero in on topics that appeal to a wide audience. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you can use real-world experience to become an authority on practically any social topic.
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