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Who We Are
Pen2Print is an association of independent editors and professionals with passion for editing. Our main motto is to serve our clients with the best.
What We Do
We provide Editing and Proofreading to our clients.
Difference Between Copywriting and Proofreading

Why Outsource Your Editing Work?
We can save you thousands of rupees per year in employee-related taxes with our flexible fee based on the amount of work done.
Importance of Editing
You might think that there is less need for copyediting/language editing now that authors can use computer software to check spelling and even grammar: why can’t the author simply provide the typesetter with a formatted, spellchecked file to turn into a book? Although a computer is a useful tool for the copyeditor, it cannot read for sense, repetition, or ambiguity. It will not pick up libel, errors of fact or misleading, or potentially dangerous information. The copyeditor is the reader’s advocate and the author’s ambassador, and in this electronic age has a more pivotal role than ever before in guiding the book through the complexities of the production process.
Confidentiality of Your Documents
At Pen2Print, we believe in professional ethics, quality service and value addition, while meeting client requirements. We take utmost care to safeguard our clients’ information. If required, we can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Pen2Print Advantages
·  Affordable
·  Experienced editors
·  Client delight
·  Flexibility and many more
Note: We are open to edit sample file based on your specification.

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